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24 Sep 2017


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By Gracie Carroll

Sophisticated Champagne Jello Shots That Are Easy To Make!

By Gracie Carroll


When I think ‘Jello Shots’ it’s definitely a cheesy college party (and crowd) that comes to mind. However, when I came across a video for making these pretty and sophisticated Champagne Jello Shots, I couldn’t help but think how fun they would be to make for a New Year’s Eve gathering.

As mentioned in my recent post, this year I’m taking a break from hosting our usual NYE house party, and instead will be ringing in the new year at the beautiful Colette Grand Cafe in Toronto. Although I won’t need to make these for guests at #CasaGC this year, these seem like such a fun treat to bring to a friend’s place where we’ll have dinner and drinks before heading out to the big party.

If you’re interested in trying these out too, here’s the Champagne Jello Shots recipe I got from Delish:

What You Need:

What To Do:

champagne jello shots recipe

(all images via Delish)

Happy New Year and ENJOY!!



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