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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#STYLEBOOK : 7 Cool Outfits On Dads To Celebrate Father’s Day

By Edit Seven

fathers day editseven stylebook

The idea that all dads have zero fashion sense, is just wrong. Just because you become a dad, it doesn’t mean you automatically start wearing socks and sandals and dorky fanny packs — even though they’re back in style now! This week’s Father’s Day-focused #Stylebook is dedicated to showcasing stylish and cool AF dads who are inspirational, know a thing or two about being fashionable, and are on trend.

Keep reading for 7 super cool outfits on these fab (and fit!) dads!

Super Dad

leonard dobroshi fathers day editseven stylebook

Leonard Dobroshi

Dad of 3 girls and husband to mega blogger Lena Terlutter, there’s pretty much nothing that Leonard can’t tackle. His great style is obvious and we love how he makes an effort to match with the rest of his oh-so-stylish family!

Daddy’s Girl

mackenzie hunkin fathers day editseven stylebook

Mackenzie Hunkin

As father to super sweet little Honor, Mackenzie certainly hasn’t let his style and fashion sense slip. Rocking comfy but cute docksiders with classic chino shorts is pretty much the relaxed dad uniform that we all recognize and love. Plus, don’t think we didn’t notice how Honor’s dress matches his shoes, too!

Polka Dot Dad

matt harvey fathers day editseven stylebook

Matt Harvey

What dad doesn’t love rocking a patterned shirt? Isn’t it in some sort of dad manual? Well, Matt obviously got the memo and we’re so here for it. Paired with trousers and sexy velvet loafers, this lewk has ‘Hot Dad’ written all over it!

Power Duo

nate berkus jeremiah brent fathers day editseven stylebook

Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent

Nate and Jeremiah are not only an adorable couple but they also the chicest dads around, if you ask us! Their two kiddies are always dressed to the nines and they make it look so effortless. Wearing simple t-shirts and trousers may be basic on some, but this dad duo make the ensembles look so damn good!

Dad Chic

christophe keyes fathers day editseven stylebook

Christophe Keyes

Think dad style has to be basic AF? Take a look at Christophe’s style and you’ll quickly be proved wrong. From his tight (!!) jeans, chic sweater and fly sneakers, this dad is killing the fashion game and we’re honestly in love!

Dad’s Mini-Me

eric wertz fathers day editseven stylebook

Eric Wertz

We love a good father-son duo and this look on Eric and his little man is just too good (and cute) to not include. Eric’s IG is filled with adorable pics and it was so hard to choose just one. We love that this hipster-cool outfit works so perf on an adult yet is even great for the kiddies to wear!

Dad’s Little Man

jay agustin fathers day editseven stylebook

Jay Agustin

Name a cooler duo, we dare you! Jay and his son, Kash, are super sweet and looking fly as hell. From that dope skull print sweater on Kash to the trendy AF sneakers on Jay, this father-son team is definitely going to be known for their fire lewks!



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