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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#STYLEBOOK : 7 Non Traditional Ways To Rock Tartan For Spring

By Edit Seven

edit seven tartan stylebook

We get it. With #CarbonaraDay taking place on the same day, there’s a good chance you might have overlooked that April 6th was also National Tartan Day. But not to worry, there’s no better time to celebrate than by wearing all the chic plaid you can handle. Tartan is not only traditional but it’s actually really chic and easy to pull off. We think that going all out is the winning ticket for a tartan lewk, but, there are so many ways to test out the trend and make it werk for you.

Keep reading for 7 non traditional ways to wear tartan for spring!


Breezy Babe

Veronika Heilbrunner tartan stylebook editseven

Veronika Heilbrunner

Looking for a more understated way to rock tartan? Take a note from Veronika and choose an easy and breezy day dress to wear. Paired with cool sneakers and hot shades, this outfit is perf for spring and summer!


Rad Plaid

Thassia Naves tartan stylebook editseven

Thassia Naves

Take your passion for plaid to a whole new level like Thassia. While this isn’t a traditional tartan pattern, we still think it counts and paired with those gorgeous red boots and fashion forward accessories, we officially can’t get enough!


Rainbow Plaid

tartan stylebook editseven

This plaid jacket look is so extra but so chic at the same time. From that bright AF jacket and all the different colours to the orange tulle — we just can’t get enough. Plus completing the outfit with Converse gives it such a cool-girl vibe that’s so effortless and chic.


Cute Kilt

Giovanna Battaglia tartan stylebook editseven

Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert

It’s pretty well known that Giovanna can pull off anything, including any trend. Obviously tartan is no different but throw some leopard print into the mix and we’re in fashion heaven. The different tartan patterns add a traditional vibe that’s not only chic but respectful too!


Varsity Plaid

Jan Michael tartan stylebook editseven

Jan Michael Quammie

This ensemble might look familiar if you ever wore a uniform to school but update it like Jan did and you have a winning outfit like hers. The addition of the cool hat and over the knee boots make this look so cool and approachable!


Tartan Trousers

Lisa Aiken tartan stylebook editseven

Lisa Aiken

While plaid pants can seem a little Hot Topic for some, we think there are so many cute and fashionable ways to wear them, like Lisa has here. Add in a timeless trench, black pumps, and a gorgeous bag and you’re good to go!


Plaid & Proper

Roberta Benteler tartan stylebook editseven

Roberta Benteler

Looking for an effortless and still trendy way to wear the trend? Take a styling tip from Roberta and pair your plaid with denim for a relaxed vibe. This outfit is perfect for weekends and any casual events you might have lined up this week!




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