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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#STYLEBOOK : 7 Ways To Wear Transitional Dresses This Spring

By Edit Seven

spring dresses editseven stylebook

The time of the year has arrived. Where it’s sunny and gorgeous in the morning but chilly AF once the sun goes down. Figuring out what to wear everyday is hard enough but now we have to dress appropriately for two climates? PLEASE. This week’s #Stylebook is all about giving you inspiration for spring with transitional dresses. These looks can be worn with a jacket overtop or a turtleneck underneath because layering = magic.

Keep reading for 7 looks featuring transitional dresses!

Gingham Gal

hannah bronfman spring dresses editseven stylebook

Hannah Bronfman

Spring is all about wearing flowy dresses and our girl Hannah knows that. This super cute long sleeve dress is breezy enough for day yet those sleeves will keep you warmer once the sun goes down. Paired with a fun furry slide, we’re seriously loving this lewk!

Denim Dayz

kellie brown spring dresses editseven stylebook

Kellie Brown

A denim jacket is pretty much a spring essential, if you ask us. Kellie’s outfit is perfect for day yet it’s still appropriate for any weekend activity. The denim jacket adds that cool girl vibe and those classic Converse sneakers are oh-so-comfy, too!

Orange You Glad

nnena echem spring dresses editseven stylebook

Nnena Echem

Spring may be all about flowers but it’s also known for all the rainy and gloomy days. Brighten up those clouds with a mega shot of orange just like Nnena. A blazer and pair of tall boots will keep you warmer when those cool nights hit.

Spring Florals

rebecca laurey spring dresses editseven stylebook

Rebecca Laurey

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking, we know but how stylish does Rebecca look? Layering (especially during spring) is pure magic and we can’t wait to wear our fave flowy dresses with an oxford shirt underneath!

Pink Lady

maren schia editseven stylebook spring dresses

Maren Schia

Spring means that temps are always fluctuating so the mornings may be chilly AF but the afternoon could be sunny and warm. Take a note from Maren and add in a cozy faux fur coat to stay warm when temps haven’t hit the daily high just yet!

Velvet Vixen

chrissy rutherfordspring dresses editseven stylebook

Chrissy Rutherford

If you think it’s too chilly to wear a minidress, think again. We suggest wearing a velvet number as the material is thicker than other fabrics and will keep you warmer. Our girl Chrissy knows a thing or two and we love how she opted to let the embroidered pattern take centre stage and kept the accessories minimal.

Polka Dot

aimee song spring dresses editseven stylebook

Aimee Song

If we had to pick one pattern to wear forever, it would be polka dots. This lewk on Aimee isn’t just trendy, it’s classic and oh-so-elegant. Those timeless stockings add to the drama the outfits brings, too. We think this is the perfect #ootn for a date!

Happy Shopping!



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