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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#STYLEBOOK: 7 Ways To Wear Cozy Shearling

By Edit Seven

The colder months are all about finding ways to stay warm, but still look cute. That’s why we’re super thankful that shearling is still on trend. Shearling is a super cozy material that when wearing it, feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket. Who wouldn’t want that? You can find shearling in all sorts of garments from coats and boots, to sweaters and even handbags. The ways you can wear it are endless but we can promise you one thing: you won’t be sacrificing style for warmth any longer.

Here are 7 ways to wear shearling!

Teddy Bear

arielle charnas shearling

Arielle Charnas

A shearling coat is one of the easiest ways to wear the trend, and stay warm while running around town. We love how Arielle kept the rest of her ensemble super cozy as well — we can see the hoodie peeking through and we’re here for it. Her skinny jeans keep it all looking streamlined while her boots tie in the beige tones, too.

White Hot

valentina steinhart edit seven stylebook

Valentina Steinhart

There’s something about a chic shearling jacket that can spice up any look and it’s proof here with Valentina. This all black outfit is chic already, but pop on a white shearling jacket, a pair of sunnies, and a great bag and you’re good to go!

Blue Jean Baby

xenia adonts editseven stylebook

Xenia Adonts

If it’s too chilly to wear your leather moto jacket with your jeans and boots, then why not try to find a shearling moto-style jacket like Xenia has? The jacket has all the edgy style elements a leather one would have, but it’s bound to keep you warmer. Paired with a tweed Chanel bag, this ensemble is the epitome of cozy and cute!

Cable Knit

danielle bernstein editseven stylebook

Danielle Bernstein

Thought shearling couldn’t get any cozier? Pair your oversized shearling coat with a cable knit sweater like Danielle did for even more warmth and extra style points. We’re giving Danielle major fashion snaps for opting for brown boots instead of black because they tie in with the brown detail on the coat.

Shearling Dreams

giovanna battaglia editseven stylebook

Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert

If anyone knows their way around a killer #OOTD, it’s our girl Giovanna and she’s not stopping at just a shearling coat. We love how Giovanna took this ensemble to the next level by adding in a shearling bag, too. Don’t think we didn’t notice her boots, either because that leopard detail is everything!

Sweater Weather

aimee song editseven stylebook

Aimee Song

Because the weather this week in Toronto was more mild, we could totally see a similar outfit being worn. Aimee took shearling to new heights with this shearling looking sweater and we’re so here for it. Paired with an equally cozy looking skirt and fierce boots, this lewk deserves to be seen!

Bag Goals

stylebook editseven

Not feeling like wearing a shearling coat? No prob, we have you covered because a shearling bag is the newest thing. You’ll get all the cozy vibes, plus all the compliments when folks see you wearing a furry shearling purse.



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