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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#STYLEBOOK: 7 Ways To Wear The #StickOfButter Trend Like A Pro

By Edit Seven

edit seven stylebook

One quick stroll through Instagram and you’ll probably encounter a handful of trends that you’d probably never seen before. One of those trends is probably the #StickOfButter trend that’s basically chic ways to wear beige (or butter coloured) outfits. If you think this sounds weird, we agree but just wait until you see some of these lewks.

Keep reading for 7 ways to wear the #StickOfButter trend!

Beige Babe

lauren caruso edit seven stylebook

Lauren Caruso

If you thought beige was boring, then think again. Lauren here shows us how to go monochromatic (minus the flip flops!) and without letting things get dull. From the bicycle shorts, to her oversized blazer, we can’t wait to wear this lewk come sumemr!

Fun Fur

chrissy rutherford edit seven

Chrissy Rutherford

If anyone can make buttery beige work, it’s our girl Chrissy. We love her tan boots, cream flared jeans, and that cozy cardi but what really throws this outfit over the edge is that gorgeous fur. Definitely not your basic beige.

Crisp & Clean

Alicia Roddy edit seven stylebook

Alicia Roddy

If winter whites aren’t quite your thing, keep it just as classy and crisp like Alicia with this beige-y, off-white shade. In addition to how stylish this ensemble is, it also looks super comfortable which is important to us as we continue to hibernate at home while outside it’s still freezing cold.

Suited Up

Eleonora Carisi edit seven stylebook

Eleonora Carisi

Another super comf lewk we’re totally digging is this one on Eleonora. Between the hoodie and oversized suit, it’s perfect for winter but could definitely still be worn during the spring, too. Did we mention that hat? Clearly we’re obsessed!

Plaid Babe

Joana Verissimo edit seven stylebook

Joana Verissimo

If you know us, you know we have a thing for patterns and that’s why we couldn’t not include this look on Joana with that plaid jacket. We love how it gives this #StickOfButter lewk a little something different. We’re giving her bonus style points for those sneakers, too!

Cozy Cute

Kelsey Stiegman edit seven stylebook

Kelsey Stiegman

During the colder months, you honestly can’t ever go wrong with a cable knit sweater and Kelsey knows it. In addition to that, we’re living for her super cute beige-y boots, trousers, and sunnies!

Bright Idea

Yin Fung edit seven stylebook

Yin Fung

While we’ve seen how chic beige can be, if you still need to brighten up your lewk a bit, take a note from Yin and work a bit of neon into the mix. Pair with sneakers, and you’re good to go!



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