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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#STYLEBOOK: 7 Ways To Wear The Tiny Bag Trend

By Edit Seven

edit seven stylebook

While we’re thankful that practical trends like puffer jackets and chunky boots are in style, there are some other not-so-practical trends out there. One of those trends is the tiny bag trend and we love it so much that we don’t care if all we can fit in our bags is our phone and one lipstick. Wondering how to pull off carrying a tiny bag? See how these fashion babes do it in this week’s #stylebook!

Keep reading for 7 outfits featuring tiny bags!

Vinyl Vixen

ada oguntodu editseven stylebook

Ada Oguntodu

From the patent trench and tiny purse, to those plaid pants and satin top, this lewk on Ada is seriously killing it. She looks so pulled together, yet effortlessly cool and we’re absolutely here for it. Plus the quilting detail scores her extra style points, too.

Minty Fresh

alba vilalta editseven stylebook

Alba Vilalta

While this outfit is definitely better suited (pun intended) to wear on warmer days, we still feel that it deserves a spot in this list. We love that Alba is wearing no shirt under the suit and the fact that her tiny bag matches perfectly just seals the deal.

Green Machine

blair eadie editseven stylebook

Blair Eadie

We all know that Blair here knows her way around a killer outfit and this green lewk is no different. While that green coat with the feathery sleeve detail definitely takes centre stage, her teeny cross body bag is too cute to overlook.

Check Mate

chrissy ford edit seven stylebook

Chrissy Rutherford

Slaying us again as always is our girl Chrissy and this outfit with that chic leopard tiny bag is seriously just fabulous. Not only is the bag fierce, but so is that checkered coat paired with those classic black boots.

Mad For Plaid

kat hsu editseven stylebook

Kat Hsu

If you thought a bag couldn’t get any smaller, just take a look at this orange belt bag that Kat has got. We are living for how it works to perfectly with the orange tones in that plaid dress. Completing the lewk are those white hot boots and fabulous faux fur jacket.

Orange You Glad

kellie brown edit seven stylebook

Kellie Brown

We love a stylish outfit but one that’s comfortable too is a winner in our eyes. This beautiful orange ensemble on Kellie ticks all of the boxes, but let’s not forget that beaded silver bag — how cute, right?!

Zebra Stripes

nnenna echem editseven stylebook

Nnenna Echem

If you know us, you know that we have a serious thing for pattern on pattern. This is why we can’t get enough of this outfit worn by Nnenna. Zebra print can be hard to pull off but if it’s not enough for you, throw on a blue plaid coat and pair it with chunky sneaks, chic barrettes, and a tiny bag.



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