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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Surprise And Delight With This Peaches and Prosecco Cake Recipe

By Gracie Carroll

Gracie Carroll - Peaches & Prosecco Cake Recipe - La Marca Prosecco

Even though prosecco could easily be considered one of my favourite things to drink, it’s not something I’ve often thought about using for much other than, well, drinking. Sure, it’s quite common for recipes to call for a splash of wine, or even beer, but when was the last time you came across cooking with prosecco?

I’ll admit that the concept of prosecco used as an ingredient in a dish was pretty foreign to me until I sat down to a ‘Surprise and Delight’ date night dinner with my boyfriend Josh that was kindly put together for us by my friends at La Marca Prosecco.

They had booked us a table at Brassaii for a Saturday night date at the King West hot spot. We arrived expecting to select a few dishes from their main menu to enjoy with some refreshing bubbly courtesy of La Marca Prosecco, but were pleasantly surprised when we were informed that a special menu had been prepared for us. Our waitress, Amber, slipped the custom set menu in front of us, and I was indeed delighted to find a breakdown of an epic 5-course meal that was not only complimented by La Marca, but created using La Marca Prosecco as an ingredient throughout.

From a house-made gazpacho drizzled with La Marca Prosecco to a La Marca infused risotto, I was inspired by the clever ways the kitchen incorporated prosecco into their dishes and my mind instantly started to wonder what else I could create.

Once we returned home, I set to work to find a prosecco-focused food recipe that would also incorporate seasonal peaches — something we had a lot of in the house after a trip to farm country. The result? This light, fluffy and wonderfully decadent Peaches and Prosecco Cake! See below for how to make it:


Peaches & Prosecco Cake Recipe

What You Need:

For The Cake:

For The Peach Filling:

For The Frosting:

Gracie Carroll - Peaches & Prosecco Cake Recipe - La Marca Prosecco

What To Do:

Gracie Carroll - Peaches & Prosecco Cake Recipe - La Marca Prosecco

Serve with a glass of La Marca Prosecco and enjoy!




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