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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Thanksgiving Delivered to Your Door with Longo’s Signature Turkey Kit!

By Gracie Carroll

longos thanksgiving box

One of my favourite things about the fall season is getting to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving every October. In fact, I think it actually might be my favourite holiday of the year! It’s always so nice to gather with friends and family at such a beautiful of year (especially in Canada) and indulge in a huge festive meal.

As much as I love to host dinner parties, and am proud to host family events now that I have my own home, there’s always dealing with the time, effort and stress that often comes with cooking a huge dinner and hosting a lot of people at once. Even for people who love to cook, dealing with a huge turkey is always a little intimidating.

longos thanksgiving box2

Thankfully, all of that stress and time consumption can be solved with one easy delivery of Longo’s Signature Turkey Kit from GroceryGateway.com. Personally I’m a huge fan of grocery delivery especially when it involves fresh and local products. The time it saves is honestly amazing! Plus, arriving home to a box of food waiting for you at your door is just as exciting as receiving any online purchase.

longos thanksgiving box 5

For $99.99, the Longo’s Signature Turkey Kit can feed 4-6 people (although in my experience it could easily feed 8) and includes a slow-roasted Longo’s signature fresh Ontario turkey and five traditional sides of butternut squash, herb mashed potatoes, poultry gravy, multigrain stuffing and cranberry sauce. Of course you can also add in extra fruits, veggies, starters and dessert to your order to ensure everything you need is delivered to your door at once.

longos thanksgiving box 6

Normally when you cook and serve a turkey it literally takes hours and hours. What I love about the Longo’s Signature Turkey Kit is that it only takes a total of 90 minutes to have everything ready to go from oven (and stovetop) to the table. At my pre-Thanksgiving dinner to test the Turkey Kit experience, everyone was impressed by the quality, delicious flavour and juiciness of the turkey, it was almost unbelievable that a turkey that big could be so easy!

longos thanksgiving box 8

The Longo’s Signature Turkey Kit is now available for ordering on October 2nd until October 6th before 5pm so don’t miss your chance to host Thanksgiving with ease this year! Be sure to use the code below for $10 off your turkey kit order.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!



Grocery Gateway Turkey Kit






  1. Is it possible to buy a cooked turkey today. I am worried my turkey might not be good as it smelt bad and I am hosting

  2. Just to confirm the kit is already cooked and therefore 90 minutes to re-heat? I just want to verify before placing an order.

  3. This is an emergency. Hosting Thanksgiving
    on Monday. Still not over my walking pneumonia. Can I still
    get a kit on Sunday at the downtown Longos

  4. Hello I would like to order a chicken dinner for Christmas Day for 4 to 6 people. Do you offer this service like you did on Thanksgiving?

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