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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

The Innovative New Energy Products That Will Help Keep You Going

By Yael Friedman

innovative new energy products

It could be the ‘afternoon slump’ or maybe the ‘morning slump’ or even the ‘evening slump’ that, depending on your job, makes it a struggle to just keep going. After the 5th cup of coffee wasn’t working, and the constant need to pee was getting way too annoying, I decided to look for new energy products that are on the market to help me out. If you’re like me and you get bored easily, or just like trying new things, this list of innovative new energy products should get you excited and hyped up (literally).

Keep reading for the new energy products you need in your life right now: 


new energy products - neurogum

NeuroGum has quickly become a staple in my purse for so many reasons; first, it’s a caffeinated chewing gum which is easy to transport and freshens my breath while giving me a boost of energy. Second, its way cheaper than a cup of Joe and doesn’t make me need to pee all the time since it’s not a liquid. Obviously a win win all around!

Brewla Ice pops

new energy products - brewla ice pops

Can you think of anything better than an icy cool treat that’s full of delicious coffee flavour (and caffeine) on a hot day? These Brewla Ice Pops are great for a hot summer’s day and keep you cool while you recharge with a caffeine boost. Plus, the old school popsicle shape brings me back to my childhood.

Awake Chocolate Bars

awake chocolate bars

I am a person who easily gets hangry so when a product comes along that solves not just the hangry demon inside but satisfies my need for caffeine, I’m on board. These Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Bars are super helpful and convenient, plus, you save money on getting energy from a snack.

Energy Bomb Mix

energy bomb mix

This Energy Bomb Mix is a great alternative for those who don’t drink coffee or tea but are still looking for a boost. The mix boosts energy levels from the nutrients added to the ingredient list, including acai, guarana, macca, lucuma and banana powder that are all certified organic. This mix is easy to add to juices, smoothies, water, breakfast or snacks.

Water Joe

water joe pack

I was pretty surprised to see caffeinated water like Water Joe on the market but realized it’s actually a great idea! Drinking water is so important for maintaining a healthy diet so why not cut out the excessively sugary drinks and just add a little bit of caffeine? This is a great option for those on a strict diet.


Good Day Chocolate

new energy product - good day chocolate

Chocolate plus caffeine–this might be the best combination since peanut butter and chocolate. We all have those cravings for something chocolatey and sweet during the day. These little chocolate balls by Good Day Chocolate can be the perfect pick-me-up to get you through the rest of your work day.


Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews

innovative energy products - honey stinger energy chews

Another great alternative to caffeine that gives you the boost of energy you’re looking for. These little bite-size chews by Honey Stinger are made from real honey and contain a good dose of vitamin C (an added bonus to the energy they provide.) They satiate that sweet tooth and are easily stored in your desk thanks to the convenient packs they come in.

Morning Recovery Drink

new energy products - morning recovery drink

Technically this Morning Recovery drink targets those who drank too much the night before but it’s actually an amazing energy pick me up. These compact bottles are packed with much-needed vitamin C and B complex and electrolytes to make you feel better, faster. I personally don’t need to drink heavily to feel that I have been drinking heavily (this might be an age thing), so drinking one of these has helped my energy levels immensely.


Now that you’ve got the scoop on the new energy products I’m obsessed with, there’s no excuse for falling asleep at your desk and drooling over your keyboard (but maybe that’s just me?) I hope this list lights a (figurative) fire under your but (or desk chair) and inspires you to spice up your energy levels.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Yael Friedman)

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