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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

TIFF Times: Sweet Leaf Bath

By Gracie Carroll


I’m a bit of a hippie when it comes to bath and beauty products. Well, kind of. Truthfully I stick to the glam brands like YSL, Nars and Chanel for makeup, but when it comes to my body, I want pure all-natural goods. Unfortunately it’s not easy to find natural products that smell nice, feel nice and do wonders for my skin – nevermind finding such things made locally.

I stocked up on Sweet Leaf Bath Co.’s product range at the Gemini Awards Gift Lounge, intrigued by the incredible smell of their handmade, all-natural soaps and the fact that they make everything in a wee little studio in St. Mary’s, Ontario. According to Sweet Leaf Bath, everything is made in small batches, only using pure, organic and fair trade certified ingredients that are blended with pure essential oils. Have your ears perked up yet?

So now for the big test. How will these great-smelling, all-natural products with cute packaging perform?


This is probably the best thing to ever happen to my shower experience. Made from raw cane sugar, sweet almond oil and essential oils of rosemary, grapefruit and tangerine (among other things), this scrub smells incredible and deeply nourishes the skin, leaving a light layer of oil to moisturize and condition. SLB says their combination of oils are those that are known to reduce skin blemishes, scars and stretch marks too. Everybody needs this in their bathroom.


While the smell of this loose-powder face scrub isn’t quite my thing (it really does smell like rice and beans on your face) there is no denying its positive results. My face was left feeling soft and my skin looking radiant. Only a quarter teaspoon of powder is needed to blend with water for each use, and at that amount this product will last you for ages.


There is nothing better than discovering a great new body butter right before the cold winter months set in. This butter has a wonderful zesty smell and is quite solid in its container but is smoothed onto skin easily. Heaven for your hands.


I’ve had an obsession with lip balm for as long as I remember, at any given time I’ve probably got about ten different kinds stashed in my purse. So you can imagine how many of those little tubes and pots I get through, what a waste! Sweet Leaf have created the first compostable tube that contain 30% more lip balm than regular plastic tubes – how amazing is that!? Eco-responsible lips are chic.


This bar of soap smells so darn good I can’t even bring myself to use it. I just keep it in my room and go to smell it constantly. Sweet Leaf says the Om bar is meant to ‘relax and restore’ and a wave of relaxation hits me every time I take a whiff, honest! I have a strange habit of keeping soap bars stored instead of using them in fear of never having them again. But at $6.50 a bar, and an online store, I think I can probably spare this one.

So the verdict? Well, if you can’t tell: I LOVE THIS BRAND and I’m very excited about it! Canadian, local, pure products, fair trade, looks great, smells great, works great – what’s not to love??

Thank you Sweet Leaf Bath Co.!




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