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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Tips For Your DIY Floral Arrangements from Alice Rossiter of Alice’s Table

By Gracie Carroll

DIY Floral Arrangements - Alice's Table - William Ashely

Alice Rossiter may have built a business around pretty flowers, but she ain’t your average florist. In fact, her Boston-based business, Alice’s Table, is a thriving start-up whose “business in a box” idea has quickly spread across the country–especially after securing funding from Mark Cuban and Spanx founder Sara Blakely on an episode of Shark Tank.

Rossiter recently made an appearance in Toronto when she hosted an Alice’s Table floral arranging event at William Ashley‘s flagship store in collaboration with Iittala where we picked up more than a few handy tips to take our DIY floral arrangements to the next level.

With William Ashely’s highly anticipated Warehouse Sale coming up on October 25th (with a 2-day preview sale happening this weekend!) we thought this would be the perfect time to inspire some shopping, and share some of the pro tips we learned straight from the Alice herself.

Keep reading for Alice Rossiter’s top tips for your DIY floral arrangements:

DIY Floral Arrangements - Alice's Table - William Ashely

DIY Floral Arrangements - Alice's Table - William Ashely

Alice’s Key Tips For Your DIY Arrangements

Setting Up Your Vase

Create a Tic-Tac-Toe grid across the top of your vase with ¼ inch Oasis tape to start (this helps hold your flowers in place)

Always fill your vase with water before your put in your flowers and use warm water to help flowers open up.

FYI: Plant food works! Mix it in with warm water to dissolve before you get started.

DIY Floral Arrangements - Alice's Table - William Ashely

Arranging Your Flowers and Greenery

Always start with greenery as a base and build the skeleton/structure of your arrangement.

Start with the largest flower first to create “fill” in your base and go from there.

If you buy a mixed arrangement from a grocery store take it apart and re-arrange it starting with the biggest flowers first.

Cut stems on a 45 degree angle to help them drink water (flat stems won’t get water if they’re hitting a flat bottom).

FYI: Plant leaves in water create bacteria so remove them from stems before adding them to your vase.

DIY Floral Arrangements - Alice's Table - William Ashely

Finding (And Buying) The Freshest Flowers

Firmness at the base of a rose is best way to tell if it’s fresh. Even if a rose is closed, if the base feels mushy don’t buy.

Always feel your flowers. If you go into a flowers shop and start feeling flowers they’ll know you know what you’re doing

When buying flowers for an arrangement, think about cost per fill. How many flowers will it take to fill your vase?

FYI: You always need a fill (like waxflower) to fill areas of your arrangement you don’t like as much. Waxflower is the same price as baby’s breath but it’s way better looking. Similarly, it has lots of flowers and multiple branches to give you styling freedom.

DIY Floral Arrangements - Alice's Table - William Ashely

For more information on Alice’s Table, please click HERE.

For more information William Ashley’s warehouse sale preview this weekend get your tickets HERE.



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)


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