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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Top Tips To Know (And Where To Go) As A Gay Guy Visiting Dubai

By Alex Dooley


I was very dubious about travelling to Dubai originally, especially with the crazy ass laws in place that, as an openly gay guy, we unfortunately still come across when we travel. Thankfully however, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only are there tons of fabulous things to do in Dubai, but I was definitely NOT the only gay in the village (insert Little Britain reference here)! So here are my top tips to know (and where to go) if you’re a gay guy heading to the UAE.

Do’s and Don’ts For Gay Guys In UAE:

Bottomless Brunch at Jumeirah Al Qsar Hotel & Resort


In Dubai, Fridays are all about spoiling yourself and indulging in a delicious 4-hour brunch. The best one to attend is the luxurious and award-winning Jumeirah Al Qsar Brunch that comes with astounding views of the Burj Al Arab Hotel and beyond. Not only is there champagne upon arrival and every cocktail you can think of on hand, but with three restaurants to choose from you can dig into food from every corner of the globe. Think everything from Spanish and Italian, Arabic and Japanese, and even a good old-fashioned British roast dinner! Most importantly, don’t forget to hit the desserts! This place is a total must, plus once the DJ and live band starts, you’ll never want to leave!

Pool Day at the Burj Al Arab


This 7-star resort screams nothing but luxury, and you’ll definitely want to visit the Burj Al Arab Hotel if you’ve got time for a full day by the pool. It’s a bit of a splurge, but I highly recommend getting the cabana option for your entire time there because it comes with your own bathroom and shower, TV and lounge, deck chairs and private balcony over the water! Trust me, it’s so worth it. Be sure to order one of the gold-covered cappuccinos before checking out their man-made beaches with sand imported from Saudi Arabia (the most expensive sand in the world!) and take in this once in a lifetime treat. Don’t forget to check out the inside of the hotel as well for its jaw-dropping architecture and interiors.

Desert Safari

Dubai Travelling Guide As A Gay Guy

Think Indiana Jones meets Fast and the Furious, and that’s how you’ll feel when your dune bashing over the desert just outside central Dubai! It’s a big day out but worth every second. After spending the afternoon riding the dunes, and watching the sunset over the desert, you spend the evening eating and drinking under the stars with camels, dancers and some hilarious entertainment. MUST DO! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and feel a little more informed! If you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Safe Travels!



(Story contributed by Alex Dooley)

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