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24 Sep 2017


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By Gracie Carroll

We Got A Mattress In A Box: My Hamuq Mattress Review

By Gracie Carroll

Doing the happy dance with little #OliveRoll because our new Hamuq Mattress arrived!

Up until recently, I had been blaming all of my old lady aches and pains on the fact that, well, I’m turning into an old lady. As I get closer to turning the big 3-0 this fall (okay, I know it’s not that old) it started to feel like my body was breaking down on me. My upper and lower back especially have been major points of  persistent pain and discomfort. “Should I be asking for a walker for my birthday?” I’ve thought to myself, “this can’t be what it means to be thirty, flirty and thriving!”

After walking around hunched over and rubbing my lower back, a friend asked about the type of mattress we have, and pointed out that it could be the root cause of my back pain. I instantly started to analyze everything I could about our mattress. Maybe the fact that it’s ten years old and feels like sleeping on a giant marshmallow could be the reason I’ve been sleeping so uncomfortably.

After talking to Josh, we decided it was time to get a new mattress. But where were we to start? With my schedule I didn’t know when we would find the time to go into a mattress store together, and I wasn’t exactly in the mood to drop a few thousand dollars on a new bed.

I started to look into the mattress-in-a-box products that seem to be all the rage these days. The efficiency of delivery and price points were undoubtedly attractive to us, and I was excited to learn about a new company called Hamuq that’s from right here in Ontario.

Not only is Hamuq an Ontario-based company, but their mattresses are made in Toronto from environmentally friendly materials that, according to their website, ‘adhere to and go beyond the strictest CertiPur standards’. I was sold.

The delivery was spot on and arrived at #CasaGC within just a couple of days after putting in our order for a new Queen-size mattress. Having a mattress arrive in a box was not only convenient for delivery, but super helpful for reducing the amount of space the mattress took up on our main floor before we had a chance to bring it upstairs (and remove the old mattress) a few days later.

Make no mistake, this boxed mattress is heavy so make sure you’ve got someone to help you maneuver it to your bedroom and onto your bed. Thankfully Josh was home to help me get it all set up, and all I had to do was pretend to help push it up the stairs before the fun part of getting to unroll it!

The big reveal was actually much faster and more exciting than anticipated. I’d heard from a friend who bought from another boxed mattress company that it took a long time for their mattress to fully inflate, and he felt it was way too soft for the first few days. While Hamuq does explain on their website that you can sleep on your new Hamuq mattress the same day, it does require 48 hours to fully return to it’s original form.

I was expecting a pretty slow inflation process and was keen to get the mattress set up in the morning so it would have all day to inflate enough for us to sleep on it that night. What I was surprised to find was that the Hamuq mattress inflated as soon as I started cutting into its plastic wrapping. It rolled out extremely quickly and within literally a minute, we had a perfect, brand new mattress ready for us on our bed.

Naturally, we tested it out right away to see how it felt. Knowing that it wasn’t yet fully inflated (even though it looked it and fit our sheets perfectly) we were immediately impressed by how much firmer the mattress already was in comparison to our old marshmallow mattress. By the time we went to sleep that night, it was even firmer. As promised, within a couple of days I could tell the mattress had reached it’s full form. It was firm, comfortable and my back had never been happier.

Aside from experiencing a more sound and comfortable sleep since getting our Hamuq mattress, I’ve also noticed that it’s amazing for minimizing motion transfer. Josh and I often go to sleep and wake up at different times, and, as a light sleeper, I’ve woken up surprised to find that Josh had either gone to bed after me or woken up before me, without me noticing. Seriously, with our previous mattress if he moved at all it would wake me up every single damn time.

We are so happy with our new Hamuq Mattress and would totally recommend one to anyone in the market for an affordable, high quality and Canadian made mattress!

Thank you Hamuq!




    1. I had a lot of upper and lower back pain with our old mattress and in the short period we’ve had the Hamuq mattress I’ve found a lot of the pain I had has gone away. I love the firm support this mattress provides while still being comfortable to sleep on!

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