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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Weekend Musts: How To Buy Vintage Denim, Vegan Tacos and More

By Gracie Carroll

how to buy vintage denim

As per usual, our weekend musts include a healthy combination of eating, cooking, shopping and watching TV. From our new favourite website to read to the drool-worthy tacos we can’t wait to make, here are this weekend’s musts!

What To Eat:

Sweet Jesus, our prayers have been answered. FIGO and Sweet Jesus have teamed up to create a limited edition collaborative Tiramisu Ice Cream Cone that features a perfect combination of mascarpone, espresso chocolate sauce, savoiardi (aka ladyfingers) vanilla soft serve ice cream and cocoa powder. This heavy hitter was released especially for Valentine’s Day but will be available at FIGO and Sweet Jesus locations until February 21st.


What To Do:

This weekend is pretty much about one thing only and that’s the release of Black Panther. Once you’ve purchased your tickets online to secure your seats, have a look at the article on why Black Panther Is The Ultimate Love Letter To Black Beauty by our friends at Refinery29.

What to Watch:

It’s the NBA All Star Weekend in Los Angeles and just because you’re not in La La Land doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the entertainment. Yeah that’s right, we love watching basketball and if you do to, use ESPN’s viewer guide to help you keep up with what you don’t want to miss.


What To Read:

If you’re a woman over 35 struggling to find the online outlet that still speaks to you like the bad-ass woman that you are, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna wanna bookmark BEHOLDR that was recently launched by former FLARE Fashion & Beauty Director, Carlene Higgins. Even if you’re under 35, don’t miss their stories on everything from How To Buy Vintage Denim to Cocaine & Kale, An As Told To Story.

What To Make:

The countdown is on until Lauren Toyota of Hot For Food’s much anticipated vegan cookbook hits shelves on February 27th. Until then, why not try one of the many incredible recipes on her blog? Our pick for the weekend is this recipe for Roasted Poblano & Jackfruit tacos with Adobo Cream Sauce.

vegan tacos recipe hot for food




(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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