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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Weight Training Tips For Beginners from Equinox Instructor Julian Ho!

By Gracie Carroll

Gracie Carroll - Equinox Canada - Weight Training Tips for Beginners

It wasn’t so long ago when I was completely afraid of weights, and avoided them at all costs. Even though I worked out all the time, I was a ‘Cardio Queen‘ and could barely get through a rep of 10 bicep curls with 5 pound weights before feeling like my arms were going to fall off. Beyond my lack of upper body strength, I had a crippling fear of using machines, mainly due to my lack of knowledge and experience with them.

When I teamed up with my personal trainer, Jessica Morris Health, nearly two years ago to help me get me into shape super fast before heading overseas to shoot the first Style Jaunt videos, she pushed me to face my fear of weights, and even help me learn to love weight training.

I can’t tell you it wasn’t gruelling, tough and painful, but after a few weeks, I started to discover a feeling of strength that I’d never known before. Soon, my endorphins would go wild every time I trained with weights, and I loved feeling badass and strong.

Now, I incorporate training with weights at least 2 to 3 times a week, and my body has started to crave it. Since I’m still someone who prefers to workout in a class setting rather than on their own, I love that so many of my favourite workout classes at Equinox involve high cardio and heavy weights for incredible full body workouts.

I turned to one of my favourite instructors at Equinox, Julian Ho, for his tips on how to approach weight-training for the first time. If you’re a newbie when it comes to working out with weights, check out Julian’s advice below!

Gracie Carroll - Equinox Canada - Weight Training Tips for Beginners

Julian’s Tips for approaching weight training:


KNOW YOUR WHYs … why are you weight training? 


KNOW YOUR WHY NOTs … why don’t you weight train?  


Gracie Carroll - Equinox Canada - Weight Training Tips for Beginners


No sleep for a week didn’t stop me from getting to my favourite Saturday morning class @equinox with the one and only @julianho.ca! ???#GCfit #EQXambassador #CommitToSomething

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