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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#WeTriedIt: The Urban Detox Facial at The Elmwood Spa

By Gracie Carroll

Pretty much any spa invite to enjoy a facial on them is greeted with an immediate “YESSS PLEASE!” from me, and things were no different when the Elmwood Spa in Toronto recently reached out with an invitation to their media-exclusive launch of the new Urban Detox Facial. Although Elmwood Spa has been open since 1982–and is located inside a historic five-story building that’s hard to miss if you’re in the Yonge and Dundas area–I had never actually visited the spa, despite having lived in downtown Toronto for most of my life.

Although the spa’s interiors are somewhat dated (hello, it’s been open for 37 years!) I must admit that I still enjoyed its old school vibe and the feeling of being inside an “Old Boys’ Club”, but, one that’s welcoming to women, obviously. Best of all, with multiple floors and so much space, you quickly get the feeling of enjoying a ‘spa getaway’ that would normally be out of town. Trust me, it would be easy to spend a long, lazy day at Elmwood spa, especially thanks to access to their water therapies that include a swimming pool, whirlpools, and steam rooms, as well as on-site dining options from their juice bar and restaurant, Bangkok Garden.

Keep reading for our #WeTriedIt review of the new Urban Detox Facial:

Urban Detox Facial - Elmwood Spa - Edit Seven

It me!

What It Is:

Elmwood Spa’s Urban Detox Facial

Designed with urbanites in mind, the Urban Detox Facial has been created to help fight the signs of ageing that occur when living in an urban setting. Less exercise, higher stress levels, reduced access to green space and exposure to pollution can all take a toll on your skin and make you age faster.

How Much:

$125 for 50 minutes or $155 with an Anti-pollution charcoal masque for 60 minutes.

What’s Involved:

This facial only uses Skin Regimen products (a new line from Italy specifically designed for urban dwellers) that have a high concentration of organic superfood extracts that act as ‘powerful botanicals fused with high-tech molecules’. Along with standard cleansing, extractions and moisturizing, the facial includes a de-stressing massage that incorporates a combination of ‘ancient techniques inspired by “Kobido“, a traditional Japanese technique renowned for its firming properties and modern techniques to reactivate the vital functions and the support system of the skin. There’s also a techno arm and hand massage that’s designed to alleviate tension built up from over use of keyboards and mobile devices, as well your choice of a scalp or foot massage.

What We Think:

OBSESSED. One look into my ‘beauty closet’ and you’d know there’s definitely zero need for more skincare products in my life, but, after my facial I was completely sold on Skin Regimen products and immediately wanted to revamp my routine. I love that everything from its packaging to scents are unisex friendly and the quality overall is super impressive and just feels so damn good. My skin revelled in this facial and felt incredibly hydrated by the end. Did I mention the massages? From my face to arms to feet, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much massaging during one facial. I would book this again ASAP and plan to enjoy an entire day at Elmwood, especially  to take advantage of their water therapies before or after my treatment.



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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