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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

What To Make: Cherry Apple Cider Fizz

By Blair Stutz

Tell your PSL to make some room because there’s a new drink in town. Giving the flavours of fall is this Cherry Apple Cider Fizz mocktail that’s, most importantly, delicious but easy AF to make. What makes this fizzy cocktail different is that it’s not made fizzy with carbonated water. The Sparkel system allows you to carbonate any drink you choose. Whether it’s tea, water, juice, or in this case apple cider, you can carbonate it with no CO2 tank needed.

While this Cherry Apple Cider Fizz is delicious as a mocktail, you could certainly add a hit of the hard stuff if that’s your style. Vodka or a warming whisky would be fab options but it might be a good idea to add in your tipple of choice after you carbonate.

What You Need:

2 cups apple cider

½ cup cherry juice

1 cinnamon stick

handful of cherries, pitted and cut in half

What To Do:

Add all ingredients to your Spärkel bottle

Top off water to 1? below fill line if needed

Carbonate on level 4





(Story by Contributing Editor, Blair Stutz)



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