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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

What to Make: Kiki’s Adaptogenic Caramelized Brussels Sprouts Recipe

By Kiki Athanas

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Who doesn’t love Brussels sprouts? Actually, a lot of people. Whatever – the world is filled with weirdos, ha! And it ain’t going to stop me from dosing up on detoxification-promoting brassica veggies!

And if you can make an already hella-healthy dish even healthier…why wouldn’t you? In fact, it would be RUDE not to.

That’s why I love adding maca powder to what I refer to as “caramelized” sprouts – no caramel necessary. The delightful caramel-y flavour comes from the sensual blend of dijon mustard, maca powder, and honey – all mixed into a healing bone broth base. Talk about a pow-wow for your health!

Besides the Brussels sprouts being the cruciferous connection to healthy hormone metabolism, maca powder is also a wonder food for balancing your hormones – supporting your endocrine system to produce the right amounts of hormones you need. If this recipe wasn’t already synergistically balanced enough, maca is also a cruciferous vegetable of the mustard family.

Let’s just say, we’re all friends here. Keep reading for how to make my caramelized adaptogenic brussels sprouts recipe!



*PS. If you need a good bone broth recipe, check out one I shared earlier here!





(Story by Contributing Editor, Kiki Athanas)

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