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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

What To Shop: The Hayley Elsaesser x Coors Slice Collection

By Gracie Carroll

The Hayley Elsaesser x Coors Slice Collection

Images from the Hayley Elsaesser x Coors Slice lookbook

When big, commercial brands and fashion designers unite, the final results of the collaboration can so often miss the mark with items that aren’t wearable, sellable, or simply end up overly “branded” with little imagination left in the creativity or design. In fact, it’s so often done wrong, that I’ve often been left wondering if it can ever really be done right?

However, I instantly perked up when I opened an email yesterday afternoon that shared the launch of the Hayley Elsaesser x Coors Slice Collection which immediately caught my eye. Scrolling through the lookbook, this collection was looking good.

beer print shirt

Could it be, that Coors – a major major beer brand – and an indie designer like Toronto’s very own Hayley Elsaesser, had totally nailed it?

Not only are all of the pieces in the collection super fun and an authentic offering from Hayley Elsaesser’s pop-art inspired streetwear brand, but the Coors Slice branding has been incorporated in a way that makes the entire collection extremely relevant and on trend – something that is definitely not easy to pull off, especially when it involves adding a big brand logo on every square inch of a garment.

beer print overalls

Coors Slice Lime Brewski Shorteralls

But the success of this collaboration is no fluke. The brand alignment is strong and makes sense (anyone familiar with the Hayley Elsaesser brand may remember her beer can print) and as a designer, she was in control of her designs from start to finish.

To be clear, I am all for major brands collaborating with small business owners and creators because these partnerships can make a massive difference in their chances of survival and success, but where it so often goes wrong is when a brand doesn’t allow the creative talent to be creative at all.

beer print bucket hat

Coors Slice Orange Brewski Bucket Hat

insulated fanny pack

The Hayley Elsaesser x Coors Slice collection is a truly epic way to celebrate Coors Slice Orange and the launch of Coors Slice Lime. Bravo to both brands and, to you, the reader, I encourage you to take a look at the hard work that’s been put into this collection and purchase an item if you can!

I mean, who doesn’t need an insulated oversized fanny pack in their life to get through summer, amiright?



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, @GracieCarroll)


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