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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Desires in Love

By Kait Fowlie

venus in love edit seven

Don’t know what you want? Look to Venus, the planet of love and beauty, in your birth chart (do yours free here). The position of this planet in our chart can provide some intel into what we’re drawn to, aesthetically, romantically, and physically. Our Venus sign determines things like, what we’re willing to drop cash on in the name of conjuring a vibe, how we want to be treated on a date, how or imagine our best life playing out. It’s all about how we idealize love.

The planete de l’amour won’t, in and of itself, tell you much about how to actually make your dream relationship work in the long-term (Venus doesn’t necessarily want to ‘work,’ in any way – it wants to lounge around and sip wine and be fed grapes), but it can indicate how you want to be treated in romance. So, if you want to turn the heat back up, or start a fire with someone new, your Venus sign can tell you how.

Venus in Aries

Aries wants to be made to feel like it’s the only one in the room. If you don’t get your date’s undivided attention, it likely means you’ll A) split before you’ve finished your drink (boi bye), or B) do whatever it takes to get it. Romance must prove (over and over again) to be worthy of your attention. When it does, taking initiative and being assertive comes naturally. Getting what you want isn’t a problem.

Venus in Taurus

Taurus feels like a queen (/ king / gender-neutral regal ruler) when it gets to luxuriate in sensory pleasures, like good food, wine, music, art. For a romantic experience to be satisfying, all five senses must be engaged. What’s your ideal of a pinnacle romantic experience? Don’t wait for a partner to give it to yourself.

Venus in Gemini 

It’s said that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone, and this is especially true for those with Venus in Gemini. Words are your love language. Gemini energy thrives on mental stimulation – good conversation across any and all platforms are a MUST. Keep it exciting with a partner for years with ample time apart when you need it, so you can return with new stories to share.

Venus in Cancer

An emotionally in-touch, self-aware partner who is perceptive to your needs is maybe the most important part of courtship for Cancer. You are likely drawn to whatever feels like home. Maybe that’s a clean apartment, nice sheets, and a well-stocked kitchen. Maybe it’s a solid network of welcoming friends. What feels like home to you?

venus in love edit seven

Venus in Leo 

Venus in Leo can be a bit of an exhibionist. Ultimately, Leo wants to be seen, heard, and celebrated. It wants to make the people it loves happy, and it does that best by expressing itself. Giving is serious, for you. Your ideal partner is someone who can match all you have to offer. Don’t even think of settling, boo.

Venus in Virgo 

It’s all in the details. Any demonstration of meticulousness – from proper punctuation in a text to a well-thought out card with a bouquet of 6-month anniversary flowers, is what love is all about in your world. Acts that show that your lover sees you, appreciates you, and cares, is where the magic happens.

Venus in Libra

Libra wants to look good, smell good, listen to beautiful music as it gets ready to go out, when it goes out, it wants to see and be seen. That’s how it feels good. Your ideal dating situation involves a lot of beauty. Think: The most ‘grammable restaurant, the best wine, etc. Aesthetic perfection means love, to you.

Venus in Scorpio 

Scorpio rules sex, mystery and taboos, so nuance in love is everything. You’re here for the darkness and the light. Any suggestion that there’s a lot going on beneath the surface with a partner is what will lure you in, and exploring the depths (think fantasies, taboos) will keep you around.

venus in love edit seven

Venus in Sagittarius

Sagittarius wants to constantly expand and be inspired by all the world has to discover. Hence, an ideal romance might look like, for you: bold travel plans, spontaneity, and lots of bold surprises. When it comes to your love life, there is no holding back. No penny pinching, no off-limits discussion topics, no judgement, etc. You need to feel free above all else, in love.

Venus in Capricorn

With structure-loving Capricorn in Venus, you are most definitely a boss in the streets, and freak in the sheets. Well, maybe not a freak, but – Capricorn tends to go after what you wants in the world with unwavering determination, and when it comes to romance it tends to want let down it’s need for control a little. Chances are, being pursued and stepping into a more submissive role is what makes love exciting.

Venus in Aquarius 

Aquarius wants, ultimately, to fight the power and make the world a better place. A partner who is capable of challenging the way you see things (thereby proving themselves worthy of joining you on your mission), will get your attention. Romance can’t adhere to any societal constructs for you, unless you choose it to do so. Aquarius is original and loves an element of the unexpected – going against the grain gets you going, right?

Venus in Pisces 

Pisces wants to make romance a magical experience. From the early stages of courtship to putting a ring on it, dating must feel a little it like an escape from daily life, for you. Pisces loves spirituality, dreams, and creativity. Incorporating elements of those into date night (visiting art galleries, experiencing meditation or exploring the world of tantra) can keep romance feeling alive.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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