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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

I Tried MIMIBEE’s 21 Day Body Reset Plan: Here’s What Happened

By Jordana Colomby


Mimi in the mirror

I should start this article by saying that although I love following influencers on Youtube and Instagram to get peeks into their life, tidbits of advice and general entertainment, I’ve never bought an “influencer product.”  Not a fitness plan nor a cookbook has gotten me to open my wallet because 1. I hate spending money and 2. when it comes to eating and working out, I’ve always figured it out on my own (with the help of some free online content).

But when I saw Mimi Bouchard came out with a 21 Day Body Reset Plan, I was intrigued. If you don’t know Mimi, she is a 22-year-old, Toronto-born blogger and reality star who hosts a podcast and is all about health, wellness, and positivity. She runs MIMIBEE Magazine where she has articles, merch and more courses. 

This course seemed different than her others, and different from other influencers’ workout guides and diet plans. I don’t like the idea of rigid plans because the ones I’ve seen seem to involve intense restriction which is hard to keep up. Not to mention, I wasn’t really looking for a diet. I’m all for #bodypositivity and I wasn’t looking to change anything about the way I look. My issue was about the way I feel. Given my frequent bouts of stomach infections and food poisoning, I tend to have severe stomach pains even on a regular day of eating. From watching Mimi, it seems like she was always feeling her best. That’s what I wanted. 

So, I begrudgingly shelled out the cash (about $45 for anyone wondering) and was ready to see if MIMIBEE’s 21 Body Reset Plan could have me feeling my absolute best. Here’s what happened: 

My Experience

Mimi’s breakdown of what is in the plan

I was pleasantly surprised when I first downloaded the e-book because it isn’t a strict food or workout plan. In fact, I’d call it more of a guide. Mimi isn’t a registered dietitian (neither am I) but she has interviewed many health and wellness experts on her podcast and has tested out the plan herself. So, I had some reason to trust what she put down in writing. 

Mimi gives you 9 golden rules, some of which were obvious to me and others were kind of eye opening. She also provides information on intuitive eating, meal ideas without specific recipes, grocery lists, craving killers, philosophies, workout ideas, and access to a secret Facebook group where people ask questions and share their progress. #inspo. 

One of the biggest lessons from the e-book for me was focusing on my food. I’m definitely the type to speed-eat my meal or eat in front of the TV and not really pay attention to my food. The result? Eating more because I’m too distracted to listen to my body’s cues. Looking back on it now, I can see that I was eating past my point of comfort during most meals. By focusing on what I was putting in my body and nothing else, I learned to know when my body was full. On the second day I actually packed up half my dinner for the first time ever instead of finishing what was on my plate. I felt 100% better going to bed that night and *bonus* had lunch to take to work the next day. 

Forcing myself not to eat with my phone or in front of the TV also resulted in more face-to-face time with my family, more conversations with friends, and more meals outside just to fight the temptation. 

My step counter

Another big part of the plan is walking. I’m a huge fan of walking and I walk a lot, but to stay fully committed to the plan, I amped it up. I started walking home from the gym in the morning, to work and home from work. Not only does walking get your body moving, it gets your mind moving too. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve remembered or ideas I’ve had just walking down the street, because when I’m not walking, you can bet I’m on my phone or computer and too distracted to think.

Another key learning for me was when to eat. If you follow Mimi on Instagram, you can probably tell she practices intermittent fasting. When I’ve tried it in the past, I’ve always tried to push off eating for as long as I could so I could eat later at night. Now I realize I was thinking about it all wrong. Mimi’s lesson is to finish eating early. Since one of my personal issues was waking up with stomach pains, this actually made a lot of sense for me.

Yogurt with blueberries and coconut flakes

I wake up at 6:30 a.m., work out, go to work and then come home around 6:00 p.m. and do nothing for the rest of the night. It makes a lot more sense for me to fuel my body during those hours I’m active and expending energy rather than having big, filling meals at night when I’m just going to lay in bed. During the plan I started spacing out my meals better, drinking a lot more water (another golden rule) and finishing my meals earlier in the evening. I never felt like I was starving myself or holding back, I was just listening to my body.

Tuna salad with feta, cucumbers and nori

I’ll admit I wasn’t perfect for 21 days. I may have had a few foods on the do-not-eat list here and there, had a few more than the recommended number of drinks, and eaten a midnight snack or two, but I honestly feel like I’ve learned a lot from this plan. I didn’t do a weigh-in and I have no idea if I’ve shed pounds, but what’s important to me is that I feel more in-control of my eating habits than ever. I finally feel like I understand when I’m full and surprisingly, I haven’t craved sweets throughout this entire 21 days.

Smoothie bowl with figs and cacao nibs

Rather than being a 21 day diet, I approached this more as a 21 day experiment to see if I could develop a healthy relationship with food. I have no doubt that I’ll refer back to the e-book and continue to implement these lessons in my daily life. It might not be for everyone, and if you’re looking for strict guidance, this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re like me and just needed some words of wisdom, consider checking it out. 



(Story by Contributing Editor, Jordana Colomby)

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