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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Why I Choose Wendy’s For The Best Fast Food On Cheat Day

By Gracie Carroll

Best fast food - wendy's fresh canadian beef - gracie carroll

Even though I like to eat healthy and cook at home on the regular, I’m just like everyone else when it comes to a good cheat meal and I love to indulge in fast food every once in a while. Eating healthy and eating “clean” to me, isn’t always about eating simple and plain meals. In fact, I still believe that you can enjoy great comfort food that’s healthy and clean so long as you’re choosing the best ingredients you can afford, and put effort into knowing where your food comes from. As someone who tends to overthink the quality and source of ingredients, especially when eating out, you can imagine that I’m cautious about where I choose to eat even when it comes down to fast food.

I never grew up eating fast food on the regular, so sometimes the world of fast food still feels new to me. Thankfully, I now have my boyfriend Josh in my life to help introduce me to everything that my younger life was missing. To Josh, the ultimate fast food to enjoy is and always will be Wendy’s.

Best fast food - wendy's fresh canadian beef - gracie carroll

Considering most people I know who have worked in the food industry (especially fast food) have never consumed food from the company they worked for again, I’ve always been very impressed that Josh has always raved about the quality of Wendy’s food, even after working there as a teenager. “It’s always fresh! Never frozen!” he likes to tell me every time we’re on our way to one of our Wendy’s dates. My response? “I know, it says it on the sign!” or “I know, you tell me every time!”.

Maybe it’s because of the look of pure joy on Josh’s face anytime we go to Wendy’s, or maybe it’s the fact that he helped me find delectable bliss of a JBC (aka Junior Bacon Cheeseburger), either way, it’s become one of our favourite ways to enjoy a treat together whether we’re on a mini date or a road trip.

In case you don’t have your own personal Wendy’s expert and enthusiast in your household to inform you of every reason why their fast food is the best in taste and quality, here are 6 key reasons why they’ve got the freshest beef in the game.

Best fast food - wendy's fresh canadian beef - gracie carroll

For more information on Wendy’s and your nearest location please visit: www.wendys.ca




*Please note that this post has been brought to you in partnership with Wendy’s*


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