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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Products That’ll Keep Your Hands And Nails Hydrated This Season

By Blair Stutz

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Between the dry weather and the continued importance of washing and sanitizing our hands, it’s no surprise that our mitts are feeling a bit more worn and torn. It’s critical that we reapply nail and hand products to keep them soft, supple, and looking their best, but when the winds are high and temps are low, it can be tricky to keep up. That’s where these goodies come in. While just one of these products will work wonders to improve hydration for your hands and nails, if you power up and work a few of them into your routine, you’ll notice super-soft results.

Keep reading to find out the seven hydrating hand and nail products this winter season!

CND Scentsations Hand Lotion & Wash

hydrating hand and nail product - CND lotion & handwash

$24 at Hudson’s Bay

It goes without saying that if your hands are feeling dry, reach for some hand lotion. CND’s new Scentsations line is here to hydrate and help repair your hands. The hand and body lotions are incredibly restorative as are the handwashes that won’t strip your hands of essential moisture. Plus, when used together, the pair really helps lock in hydration; and the scents are next level, too!

Love Fresh Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub from Love Fresh

$30 at Health Hut

Exfoliating is half the battle if it’s softer skin you’re after. This scrub from Love Fresh works true wonders and feels like a spa treatment, even if you’re only at your bathroom sink. While it’s great for using as a body scrub, take a scoopful and scrub your hands for a minute or so. Formulated with shea butter and other delicious essential oils, you’ll hardly need to even follow up with hand lotion. But we wouldn’t be against it if you did. 

CND Solar Oil

CND Solar Oil - hydrating nail products

$16 at Tips Nail Bar

The secret to strong nails? Cuticle oil. Simply slather on a good cuticle oil to your nail beds religiously and you’ll marvel at how your flimsy hails have become strong and healthy. My top fave is the Solar Oil from CND, and while the bottle works just fine, the pen makes it super easy to apply on-the-go without any risk of spillage. 

Revlon Paraffin Wax Bath

parafin wax bath from revlon - hydrating products for hands and nails

$55 at Amazon

To take your hand hydration to the next level, it might be worth it to try out a paraffin wax bath. While it might sound a bit extra, a quick dip in paraffin wax can help soothe and soften the skin and lock in essential moisture. To keep things mess-free, scoop out some wax into a baggie and insert the hands, then peel off the wax for easy removal.

Sephora Collection Clean Hand Mask

hand mask from Sephora - hydrating products for hands

$7 at Sephora

We all know and love sheet masks, but how often do you treat your hands to one? A hand mask like these easy-breezy ones from Sephora Collection are great options. If you’re short on time, these babies work their hydrating magic in less than 15 minutes, and the best part is they’re all certified clean and vegan hand products, too! 

Touchland Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

moisturizing hand sanitizer from touchland

$12 at Nordstrom

It’s no secret that washing and sanitizing our hands have protected us these past (almost) two years, but it’s not so nice on the skin. However, there are hydrating hand sanitizers out there that can help literally soften the blow that regular sanitizers can have on our hands. This one from Touchland not only smells like a welcome vacay, but it has hydrating aloe and a blend of essential oils to help preserve moisture.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

cuticle cream from Burt's Bees

$8.99 at Well.ca

If cuticle oil isn’t rich enough for you, enter an emollient cuticle cream, like this one from Burt’s Bees. While there are dozens on the market to choose from, this baby is a classic and not only does it work, but it’s affordable and has a gorgeous lemon scent.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Blair Stutz)

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