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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Women-Owned Companies We Love To Support!

By Edit Seven

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As a women-led and owned team, Edit Seven is proud to feature and support women-owned companies this Business Women’s Day! Running a company, no matter the industry, is no easy feat. It takes hard work, dedication, skills, and a lot of love and passion for what you do. Which is why these amazing women — and every businesswoman — and their businesses deserve the recognition, not just today.

Here are seven women-owned companies from different industries we think is worth the mention this Business Women’s Day!

Louve Design

women-owned companies: dress from Louve Design

via @louvedesign

Why we love: There’s no reason why sustainable clothing can’t be affordable, and that’s what Louve Design’s founder and owner Veronique Goulet thought! As a zero-waste company, 35 percent of their clothes are from upcycling!

Cadette Jewelry

jewelry collection from Cadette Jewelry

via @cadettejewelry

Why we love: Locally made here in Toronto, Cadette Jewelry features high-quality artisanal jewellery inspired by the natural world, the journey of womanhood, and modern art and design. Business owner Allison Asis herself, along with a small team of local artisans, handcraft each piece to make it into the quality jewellery you see on the brand’s online shop.


PAUME hand sanitizer

Why we love: Sustainable, gentle, and nourishing. Is it obvious that we’re talking about a hand sanitizer? While we love that PAUME’s formula kills harmful bacteria while moisturizing the skin, we also love that its ingredients and its packaging are sustainable and environment-friendly.

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jewelries from woman-owned cult general store

via @shopneophyte

Why we love: By women, for everyone. Need we say more? Toronto’s fave cult general store, Neophyte, is just filled with quirky and unique curated items — from accessories to clothing to anything in between! Looking for bespoke fine jewelry? They got you! Want something quirky for the house? Don’t sweat it!

Cheekbone Beauty

women-owned companies: Cheekbone Beauty makeup kit

via @cheekbonebeauty

Why we love: Cheekbone Beauty is an indigenous-owned, environment-friendly cosmetics company founded by Jenn Harper. Aside from their products being cruelty-free and of high quality, the brand, and Jenn herself, has a sustainability and zero-waste goal. With this, and their aim to positively impact the lives of Indigenous youth, their mission is in giving back to the community — and we definitely love a charitable queen!

Jaysee Nails

women-owned companies: Jaysee Nails

via @jayseenails

Why we love: Jaysee Nails is a black- and queer-owned business, founded by Olivia Collins while she’s still a university student. But her love for nail art started waaay before that. Her quirky, funky, artistic press-on designs are truly worth the hype, and what’s more — you can even order custom-made press-ons! As someone who made a business out of what she loves, Liv is definitely one inspiring young businesswoman to watch!

Tuck Bedding

tuck bedding

Why we love: Not only is this organic, modern bedding company founded by two amazing women, but its products are sustainably sourced and manufactured. AND they give you this luxurious and breathable feeling, so you know you’ll have a good night’s sleep. Plus, they make your bed look luxurious too!



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