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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Do Yoni Eggs Benefit Your Sexual Energy? We Asked The Founder of Love Stone

By Kait Fowlie

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(image via The Hoodwitch)

So, we love crystals as much as the next gal, but are we in the habit of casually putting them where the sun don’t shine? Well, not… until now.

First of all if you haven’t heard of yoni eggs or the brand that owns the domain, you’re about to discover a best kept secret in the women’s wellness space. These are essentially egg-shaped crystals you, um, put inside you that utilize the healing power of crystals to help facilitate the flow of energy and pleasure in your body, and also help you strengthen your vaginal muscles so you can enjoy sex for as many years as possible. A potent tool for something the size of a Cadbury creme egg, non?

Yoni eggs are far from a passing fad, but have been used for centuries and have a super rich history. Today though, in our culture of dating apps and casual hook-ups, their power could be more transformative than ever. We spoke with Love Stone Creatrix / Owner Anya Yurenya on how to go about using a yoni egg and how to make the most of its power in your life.

rose quartz yoni egg benfits

Edit Seven: First of all, I’ve always thought that the simple act of buying a yoni egg (or a vibrator or wand or any other tool to use for yourself, sexually), is a really powerful expression of self-love. So thank you for making that offering available for women!

Anya Yurenya: I think there is something to be said about woman saying yes to her own pleasure. I think that by purchasing a crystal wand you are making a commitment to your own body, you are saying that your pleasure is important. In our society it’s a radical act, especially for a woman.

Our primary relationship is with ourselves – we are already whole and sovereign beings. I think it is important for a woman (or any person) to experience pleasure and sexual energy without an external object or partner and to see that all the pleasure lies within her mind and her body, not outside her. This is very empowering.

When we connect to our body we eventually connect to our true self, to everything around us, and to our own power. We begin to discover our own aliveness and also see things that keep us from feeling alive.

E7: In general, why was it important to you to make this offering of a crystal (as opposed to any other material), sex toy/egg?

AY: Yoni egg practices come from Taoist tradition, whose practitioners traditionally used carved jade (and sometimes other crystals, which I’ll explain later). It’s not new by any means, nor a novelty fad, it’s actually the most traditional material for female pleasure and sexual healing. I used silicone and plastic ben wa balls (similar to eggs) in the past, but I never really enjoyed it, the practice never stuck. I love working with crystal eggs – the experience is completely different, it’s sacred.

Crystals conduct energy, every tantra teacher I’ve studied with recommends using crystal or glass wands for healing practices. When you infuse your touch with intention and energy it makes a difference both by yourself and with a lover. Try this simple experiment – touch yourself (or your lover) generically, then repeat with love, respect and awareness, and notice the difference in sensation and how the body reacts to the touch.

A glass toy can become an energetic extension of your hand, conducting your energy and intention. Natural crystals are more powerful than glass. They are created inside the Earth, each crystal comes with its own energetic qualities. Combining your energy and intention with the energy of the specific crystal creates a powerful, synergistic union. Unlike many other adult toys, ours are produced without any chemicals to be absorbed in the most receptive parts of your body. Crystals are simply beautiful, and just like us, each one is unique.

E7: How do you suggest women use a yoni egg?

AY: There are many practices and exercises you can do with a yoni egg. It’s hard to give proper instructions in a paragraph – we include a 20 page practice guide with every one of our yoni eggs, and there are teachers that offer in depth workshops and courses, so I won’t go into the specifics here, but I can give some tips on how to approach the practice.

I suggest you relate to these exercises as self care rituals – priority, pleasure. This is separate from any other item on the to do list. This is your time when she gets to play, explore and enjoy! A feminine practice, process oriented, so you are present with what is, savoring each moment, without trying to reach some goal.

Most importantly I would invite women to listen to their own bodies and to honor what their bodies communicate. For example if you start the practice and the body says “no” to the egg that day, it’s important to honor that “no” and either ask the body what it needs in order to say yes, or come back to the practice later.

I believe that we are conditioned to ask for answers outside of ourselves, and it’s incredibly important to practice deeply listening to yourself. When we engage in a yoni egg practices, we are developing relationship with our body, and we are creating new neural pathways to support these relationship.

If you are working with a yoni egg to develop muscles, you’d want to develop dexterity, not “tightness.” The idea is to have strong, but supple muscles. The emphasis during all the exercises needs to be as much on relaxing the muscles as it is on engaging them, it is very important.

Love stone  - jade dildo

E7: Do you have any suggestions for people who want to want to make the most of their experience with their eggs? Any other activities they can do to supplement their work with one?

AY: Consistency is key. You’ll have much better results if you practice few times a week than few times a month, and it’s better to do it once a month than to not do it at all. Don’t overdo it though, the muscles will get sore! 🙂 Here are a few practices that I feel are complementary to yoni egg practice:

  1. Breast self massage is an amazing practice I can recommend to every woman regardless of weather or not she chooses to work with a yoni egg. Breast massage helps stimulate the lymph flow and could be a preventative measure for health conditions that affect breast tissue. Breast massage increases sensitivity of breasts and nipples. Breast orgasms are real. It also tones and lifts the tissue, and some women report their breasts getting fuller and even growing in size. Breasts are connected to our heart center and massage can increase feeling of self love, as well as our capacity to love the others. Start every yoni egg practice with it – breast massage stimulates natural lubrication.
  2. Belly dance, pilates, yoga, hip opening exercises and any activity you enjoy that gets you out of your head and into your body.
  3. Advanced practitioners can even do weight lifting with the egg. Do not attempt it by yourself without receiving proper guidance!
  4. Therapeutic yoni massage! You can give yourself a healing massage with your fingers or a wand, or ask your partner to do it. When I began to work with a crystal wand doing healing self massage, I discovered an incredible amount of tension in my pelvic floor, I was astonished. I had no idea the tension was there before I started consciously working with it. But it’s actually very common to hold a lot of tension in our pelvic floor, and a lot of it is emotional. Tense muscles do not conduct pleasure, and can actually cause pain. Releasing tension may help resolve a lot of health issues and remove blockages that don’t allow energy and pleasure to flow freely in the body. That’s why it’s also very important to engage in both squeezing and relaxation when working with the yoni egg–you don’t want to create additional tension.
  5. Connecting with the egg and setting an intention before you start working with it can be very powerful.

E7: Your eggs come in a few different variations, and your descriptions of the different crystals are really beautiful and accessible. How did you choose which crystals to use?

AY: We only offer 3 different types of crystals – obsidian, jade (we sell both nephrite jade and jadeite jade), and rose quartz. These are the crystals traditionally used by the taoist practitioners, and yoni egg practice came from the Taoist tradition.

A practitioner would usually start with the healing Jade. After a while she could choose to introduce Black Obsidian – to work with her ‘shadow,’ or subconscious. Finally, when she feels ready, she could work with Rose Quartz, which helps to open the Heart. These crystals have been used for centuries, but I cannot attest to safety of the other crystals. If you can only choose one yoni egg, I would recommend one made out of nephrite jade.

For more info on LOVE EGGS, click HERE.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)


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