A Yorkville Holiday Destination You Should Definitely Visit

Want to enjoy a holiday experience like no other? Then Park Hyatt Toronto’s Holiday Bothy at the Park is the perfect choice!

This festive pop-up, situated in the heart of Yorkville, sets itself apart from the fleeting trends. Open to the public from Nov. 24, this limited-time haven redefines winter gatherings with a warm atmosphere, delectable culinary offerings, premium cocktails, and a touch of magic.

Don’t settle for the ordinary – immerse yourself in a truly special holiday experience at the Holiday Bothy!

Enjoy a Spirited Adventure Filled with Flavors

Escape the winter chill and indulge in the ultimate retreat at Holiday Bothy at the Park. This cozy haven offers a perfect setting for a cocktail-infused get-together with friends, far from the hustle of the cold city.

Here, you can step through an entrance adorned with snow-covered evergreen trees, and find yourself in a woodsy urban retreat with inviting seating, textures, and warm candlelight.

Executive sous-chef Jonathan Williams crafts a culinary journey beyond the charming aesthetics. The carefully curated menu blends rustic charm, contemporary sophistication, and seasonal warmth. Small bites pay homage to Canada’s culinary landscape with a modern twist.

You can get to savor venison tartare with juniper, lingonberry, and potato chips; share lobster poutine for two with Ontario cheese curds, gravy, and loads of seafood; or indulge in fried truffle grilled cheese with mornay sauce and Swiss cheese.

Each dish is a celebration of winter’s rich tapestry.

Finally, you can sweeten the experience with seasonal treats like the irresistible gingerbread-and-eggnog sandwich cookies and peppermint-chocolate bark for a delightful finishing touch to this festive culinary adventure.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Immerse yourself in a divine array of cocktails at Holiday Bothy at the Park, including a limited-edition signature drink crafted exclusively in partnership with Glenfiddich – an extraordinary feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Explore the full-service bar for even more variety or treat yourself to the ultimate festive beverage at the hot chocolate station.

Inspired by European bothies, this experience captures the essence of simplicity, connection, and warmth. Much like the traditional bothy, always unlocked and offering respite to travelers, the Holiday Bothy at the Park invites you to indulge in the season’s cozy charm and festive allure.

All in all, Park Hyatt Toronto’s Holiday Bothy serves as your invitation to a unique celebration, whether you’re planning a casual evening with friends or seeking a memorable setting for a special date night.

Do take note that it’s only open to the public from Thursdays to Sundays from Nov. 24 until Jan. 1.

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