A Look at Kenneth Montague’s Home Décor Preferences

Kenneth Montague opened a mini art gallery called the Wedge Gallery in his Richmond West loft in 1997 to showcase his personal art collection. Inspired by his lifelong fascination with art, which began during his childhood visits to the Detroit Institute of Art, Montague created a space in his loft with a narrow wedge-shaped hallway, ideal for displaying photographs and paintings.

The Wedge Gallery became a platform for exhibiting the work of lesser-known Black artists such as Carrie Mae Weems and Kehinde Wiley, hosting salons and fostering a community around art.

Over the years, Montague has become a prominent figure in the Toronto art scene. His non-profit organization, Wedge Curatorial Projects, is dedicated to championing emerging Black Canadian artists. Currently, MOCA is hosting an exhibition featuring portraits from Montague’s extensive 400-piece private art archive until February 4.

Montague’s journey from a dentistry practice to a key player in the art world showcases his passion for supporting and promoting Black artists. The Wedge Gallery, born out of his personal collection, has evolved into a significant force in shaping the cultural landscape of Toronto.

In case you’re wondering, here’s a look at what he currently admires in home décor:

Ceramic Sculpture

Magdalene Odundo, who is a Kenyan-born ceramicist, is gaining international acclaim for her work, currently showcased at the Gardiner Museum.

Her creations which were described by admirers as animated vessels resembling human forms captivate viewers with their intricate details and beautiful patina. Odundo’s artistic process involves dedicating months to each piece, resulting in a body of work that reflects her passion, skill, and distinctive style.

The exhibition at the Gardiner Museum provides an opportunity for art enthusiasts to experience the artistry and craftsmanship of this globally renowned ceramicist.

Artful Broom

Goodee is a platform that’s committed to promoting socially conscious and beautifully designed items from around the world. It features products that combine aesthetics with ethical craftsmanship.

An example is a broom crafted using traditional Appalachian techniques by students in Kentucky. The broom, made from natural materials such as hand-harvested broomcorn, stands out for its beauty and functionality.

Goodee’s curated selection reflects a commitment to sustainability, ethical production, and the celebration of traditional craftsmanship.

Realistic Painting

First-generation Canadian artist, Kareem-Anthony Ferreira, delves into the exploration of hybrid identities through his lifelike paintings.

One of his notable works has found a place in the home of LeBron James.

Ferreira’s art is distinctive for depicting scenes of Black family life, a subject matter not commonly found in Canadian paintings. His work contributes to a broader representation of diverse experiences and narratives within the Canadian artistic landscape.

Fancy Fire Tools

Montreal creative director Thom Fougere designed sculptural implements of a poker, shovel, and brush for the Toronto lifestyle shop Mjölk.

Kenneth Montague appreciates their high-quality, elegant, and functional design. The implements not only serve practical purposes but also add an aesthetic element to everyday tools.

Elegant Planter

Casson, which is an architect-founded company, offers a curated selection of beautiful hardware and accessories from around the world.

Kenneth Montague highlights these steel planters from the Danish design shop Ferm Living, available through Casson. He appreciates the pop of color and the innovative design with legs that give the impression of the planter floating.

The functional and aesthetically pleasing height of the planter makes it an ideal choice for elevating plants near a window.

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