5 New Spots to Practice Reformer Pilates in Toronto

Reformer Pilates is slowly making a comeback lately, thanks to TikTok trends and celebrity endorsements from figures like Harry Styles and Kim Kardashian.

Distinguishing itself from mat-based Pilates, this style utilizes a Reformer machine to offer a low-impact, full-body workout. If you’re looking to try out Reformer Pilates in Toronto, then here are five new spots you can try out:

Assembly Movement

With over a decade of experience and Reformer training in Melbourne, Clio Templeton brought her expertise back to Toronto. In March 2023, she opened Assembly Movement in Little Italy, initially equipped with 12 Reformer machines.

Responding to high demand, the studio underwent a transformation in January 2024 by merging its two smaller rooms into one spacious area filled with 18 Reformer machines.

Assembly Movement offers full-body workouts with barre-style elements, incorporating arm reaches, pulses, and props like hand weights, squish balls, and bands for added intensity. The studio caters to parents and pre/postnatal Pilates practitioners to provide unique pregnancy- and baby-friendly classes (BYO baby).

Even Templeton herself practiced Reformer Pilates through two pregnancies.

A standout class is the 45-minute Reformer Pace, a heart-pumping session utilizing a jump board attached to the Reformer. This low-impact sweat incorporates cardio, strength, and balance elements.

The cost is $32 for a single drop-in Reformer class or $230 for unlimited monthly Reformer classes.

Altea Active

Altea’s expansive 89,000-square-foot location in Liberty Village which opened in March 2022 features a three-floor fitness club. In September of the same year, the club converted a former meeting room into a cozy Reformer studio overlooking Strachan Avenue.

With only five machines, participants can enjoy personalized attention from trainers. Altea offers two to four daily classes, each focusing on different parts of the body. Additionally, the studio is available for private sessions with a trainer.

To attend Reformer classes, you will need to be an existing member or guest of Altea Active.

Designed for gym enthusiasts seeking a Pilates complement to their workouts, Altea’s Reformer Intervals class stands out. This boot camp-style session incorporates timed intervals and circuits for a challenging cardio and strength workout.

The cost is $30 for a drop-in class, plus $94.95 to $134.95 bi-weekly for a gym membership. All in all, Altea provides a comprehensive fitness experience by combining the energy of a gym with the precision of Pilates.

Jaybird Yorkville

After successfully establishing mat-only Pilates studios in Vancouver (2019) and Toronto’s Queen West (2022), Jaybird’s third location introduces Reformer machines alongside traditional mat-based classes.

This chic studio offers dimly lit sessions with battery-operated candles and no mirrors, allowing practitioners to focus on their movements.

The music features louder and more radio-friendly tunes like Frank Ocean and Britney Spears remixes to set a motivating atmosphere. Moreover, instructors encourage the attendees to push through each squat, bicep curl, or lunge.

Jaybird is tailored for sweat-seeking spin enthusiasts seeking an intense yet low-impact Reformer experience. The standout class is “The Burn,” a full-body Reformer session incorporating holds for an extra burn with each set of reps.

The cost is $42 for a single drop-in Reformer class or $399 for a monthly membership of 30 Reformer classes. Due to Jaybird’s unique approach which combines intensity and low-impact, it makes for an ideal choice if you’re looking to elevate your fitness journey.

Nice Day Pilates

Founded in 2021, Nice Day transitioned to a Reformer-only setup in May 2023. Jennifer Winter, who is the founder and a former professional ballet dancer, leads the studio which boasts six Reformers and an additional machine in an alcove for private classes.

The Reformer sessions emphasize breath work, featuring music at a lower volume, and incorporate stylish props like U-shaped weights to challenge muscles. Nice Day also provides on-demand video classes with aesthetically pleasing backgrounds for at-home mat pilates practice.

Nice Day caters to movers seeking a welcoming environment. The standout class is the Nice Day Reformer, a 50-minute contemporary take on classic Pilates that integrates elements of strength, posture, and balance.

The cost is $45 for a single drop-in class or $375 for a monthly membership with 12 classes. Nice Day’s inclusive approach and contemporary Pilates offerings make it a standout choice for those seeking a holistic and diverse fitness experience.

Strong Pilates

Last on this list is Strong Pilates which originated in Australia and now has over 60 locations across Asia and the UK, with its most recent expansion in Canada.

The first Canadian location in Little Italy, opened earlier this month, offers both “rowformer” and “bikeformer” machines, featuring either a rower or a stationary bike in front of a Reformer. The bright 5,000-square-foot space houses 20 machines, and a second location in Liberty Village is set to open later this year.

A notable perk at both locations is the provision of cold eucalyptus towels post-workout.

Strong Pilates is geared towards adrenaline seekers, especially those fond of HIIT and boot camp-style workouts who are looking for a low-impact, high-intensity fitness option. The standout class is the Strong Body class which combines Reformer Pilates with a rowing or cycling element and heavy dumbbell exercises.

The cost is $42 for a single drop-in class or $80 per week for unlimited classes. Strong Pilates brings a fresh and dynamic approach to Pilates which attracts fitness enthusiasts who are seeking an invigorating workout experience.

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