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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

15 Contemporary Canadian Designers To Shop At INLAND FW17

By Blair Stutz

Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Popping up at 134 Peter Street in Toronto this weekend from September 29th to 30th 2017, Made Inland is where you need to be to score items from some of the best independent and up-and-coming Canadian designers on the market right now. With 70 collections to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to shopping in a strategic and efficient way. To help, here we’ve put together a list of our favourite 15 contemporary Canadian designers to shop at Inland FW17. See below for who they are and why we love them!


Dolorous Jewelry - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Founded in 2010, Toronto-based Dolorous jewelry doesn’t offer pieces that ‘make a statement’, it offers jewelry that makes your statement. Designer Danielle Singer is inspired by historical design elements with a modern twist, offering versatile pieces that are unique, effortless and can be worn every day with everything from a basic tee to a slinky dress!


Amevie Sunglasses - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Toronto based sun-care company, Amevie is a new brand that’s all about high quality for a not-so-high price. Made of bamboo, these sunnies offer incredible UV protection – in fact they block 99% of UV rays and they are polarized so there’s no glare. They’ve also got a feel good component because for each pair sold, Amevie will give a pair of prescription eyewear to a child in need through Seva Canada.


Eleven Thirty - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Creating handbags that stand the test of time is Toronto’s Eleven Thirty handbag brand, founded by self-taught designers and creative partners Mariel Gonzalez and Alexa Schoorl. With a belief in buying less and buying well, Eleven Thirty uses only genuine hair-on-hide and real leather over faux because a real leather product will last. We love that each piece is made to order and they don’t waste any materials in the process!


Lucia Rose - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Heavily focused on fashion, jewellery, and design since 2012, Lucia Rose designer Megan Greco brings jewellery to life, expressing confidence and passion through enriched and inspired designs. This contemporary jewellery collection is the perfect mix of art and fashion and using only handcrafted materials and meticulously selected gems, each piece is a true work of art.


Oneself - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Oneself is a women’s ready-to-wear collection designed and made in Montreal and they want to create the perfect piece for you to wear everyday of the week. We love that they work with local suppliers which allows them to develop in small batches keeping waste low and style unique!


Spare Label - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Focusing on marble dyed fabrics and leathers, Toronto-based Spare Label creates hand-printed marbled silks, cottons and leathers + they also host workshops! Unique, modern and super chic, this is a brand that should definitely be on your radar.



Jennifer Torosian - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Functionality meets fluidity and utility meets elegance… this what designs by  Toronto’s Jennifer Torosian are all about. Known for her interpretations of contemporary wardrobe essentials that are refined and refreshed, Jennifer Torosian is the perfect blend of luxury and ease.


LLY Atelier - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Montreal-based LLY ATELIER is an independent jewelry line made by hand in the studio of designer Agathe Bodineau. The works are inspired by visual art, natural sciences, extreme adornments, architectural lines, and shaped by a somber and minimalist aesthetic. This Canadian brand has also climbed to international recognition with coverage in Vogue, Elle and Teeth Magazine!


Odeyalo - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Odeyalo started as an idea when two friends, Marie-Eve Proulx and Yana Gorbulsky, were daydreaming about the perfect “work from home” outfit. Fantasizing about clothes that felt like pyjamas, but were fancy enough to wear out to a meeting or a fancy brunch with friends with a focus on luxuriously soft and cozy fabrics, high quality craftsmanship, the perfect fit. BTW did you know the word odeyalo translates to “blanket” in Russian?!


Maggie Jayne - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

A one woman show run by Maggie herself, Halifax-based Maggie Jayne creates variations on uniforms using natural fibres and process oriented textiles. Maggie designs and prototypes every garment, and travels to India to oversee production and maintain close relationships with her manufacturers. We love the simplicity of her designs and the romanticism they offer her clientele.


Uppdoo - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Handcrafting bags with high quality is the founding principle for YYZ’s Uppdoo. With modern and minimalistic designs, Uppdoo is inspired by art, interior design and urban culture and we love their underlying philosophy is that “Life is Sweet
” – so it‘s important to treat yourself and indulge in all of life’s delicious moments!


Ali Haider - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Toronto based Ali Haider bringing his knowledge of design into the fashion world as an emerging fashion designer with a gorgeous collection of sunglasses and chokers all studded with jewels! Inspired by anything eye catching, Ali finds a voice within the intricacies of fashion design, bringing a refreshing mix of glamour and glitz to Toronto.


Pedram Karimi - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Blurring lines since 2012 is Toronto’s Pedram Karimi with his genderless fashion brand. Pedram’s philosophy for the brand from the get-go was about having a neutral wardrobe that could fit various types of individuals and their lifestyles. We love that all pieces are produced with eco-friendly and vegan-inspired material!


Camille Cote - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Since the age of four, Montreal’s Camille CĂŽtĂ© has dreamed of designing for the everyday women of all ages and nationalities. Her hats are unique statement pieces that bring a modern vibe to classic hats of years past like the cloche. We love that Camille promotes her vision of a free femininity and strives to nurture a woman’s strength to go beyond the traditional today and for generations to come.


Lorette Lingerie - Inland Toronto Popup September 2017

Created for women who want to celebrate their female sensuality while declaring that it’s okay to be vulnerable is Lorette Lingerie and they believe that this is our strength as women. That space where love and fear exist simultaneously and this makes us both strong and soft. We love their super cute designs that are playful, cute and sexy all in one!

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(Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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