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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

2 Essential Rules To Follow From The French Girl Skincare Routine

By Gracie Carroll


The mystery behind achieving¬†French Girl Style¬†is one that many women have attempted to crack for years —¬†that even includes those in the elite circles of¬†Fashion Editors¬†(I’ve overheard the conversations many times). How do these women always look so chic while simultaneously looking like they just rolled out of bed without a care in the world? What is it about them that just has that effortless¬†je ne sais quoi? A French woman’s approach to fashion and beauty is¬†significantly different to those of women throughout the rest of the world, and, from what I can tell, it all boils down to a¬†“less is more”¬†attitude about pretty much everything.

To my surprise (and much to my delight) I recently discovered that I’ve been unknowingly following a French Girl¬†skincare routine¬†for some time now. It was during my research on French Girl Makeup that I stumbled upon this¬†Vogue¬†article that shares makeup artist,¬†Violette’s¬†8 Essential Secrets to French Girl Beauty Rules.


Violette’s¬†#1 rule¬†is¬†“Prep (Don’t Primp)”, highlighting that French women focus on their “base” and treat it as best they can. This means working on having amazing skin, an amazing body and amazing hair so they “don’t have to do much else”. While achieving all three of these things is truly no easy task for those of us who aren’t naturally #blessed in all three departments, I was at least pleased to discover that taking great care of their skin is just as important to French women as it is to me. Violette even mentioned cleansing with¬†La Roche Posay¬†(one of my favourite French skincare brands) which¬†helped confirm that I’m¬†on the right track.

In¬†rule #2, Violette shares that French women are all about practicing¬†“Everything In Moderation”, and that’s it’s not so much about what you put¬†on¬†your skin as what you put¬†in¬†your body. This is a belief I’ve stood by for years now;¬†mainly due to my own skin-related experiences after indulging in too many frites¬†vs. the beautifying power¬†of the¬†Glowing Green Smoothie.


Should you be interested in discovering more on the French Girl’s approach to everything from washing your hair to wearing smokey eyeshadow, I highly encourage you to read the full article¬†HERE¬†for a quick but helpful read.

After reading the article¬†first thing in the morning — still clad in PJs and giant coffee in hand — my newfound discovery that my regular ol’ routine is totally¬†Fran√ßaise, got me especially enthusiastic about¬†getting my skin ready for the day.

As luck would have it, my friends at La Roche-Posay had recently sent me a box of some of their essential skincare products, including the new Serozinc Purifying Mist that just hit stores in here in Canada. I gathered the items into my arms and gleefully headed to my bathroom to start my skin-pampering process.

Since I’m constantly battling dehydrated skin (blame it on the coffee, and the wine), using a hydrating mist is one of my daily skincare essentials — one that my skin not only loves, but literally¬†gulps in. The difference with the La Roche-Posay Serozinc purifying mist is that it helps with¬†anti-shine¬†and¬†anti-dilated pores¬†too. This ultra-fine mist is the 1st anti-shine and sebo-regulating mist on the market,¬†essentially bringing us the effect of oil-blotting paper in a can. Formulated with purifying Zinc-Sulfate and rich in antioxidants (along with anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties) the Serozinc Purifying Mist retails for $18 and can be purchased online HERE.


The kit full of La Roche-Posay products, I realised later, was the perfect starter pack for a French Girl beauty look — and it’s exactly all that I’m rocking here in these photos.¬†Here’s a breakdown of everything I used before getting in front of the camera. WARNING: It’s not a lot.

To start, I cleansed and cleared my skin using their¬†Effaclar¬†Unclogging Purifying Sebo-Controlling Face Mask¬†to promote anti-shine. It only needed to be on for 5 minutes so it was easy to have on while I was in the shower. After rinsing it off, I gave my face a light mist of¬†Serozinc Purifying Mist, followed by a an application of the¬†Hydreane BB Creme¬†and a swipe of¬†Respectissime Volume Mascara. Seriously,¬†that’s it.

It’s simple, it’s effortless, and it’s totally French. Cheers to the French Girl beauty routine for being the originators of that “no makeup, makeup look” that I love so much.

For more information on La Roche-Posay products in Canada please visit their website HERE.



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