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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

5 Things I Do To Make Travelling More Affordable

By Gracie Carroll

Gracie Carroll - 5 Things I Do To Make Travelling More Affordable - CIBC Aventura

A snap from my recent last-minute trip to Miami

Although I tend to plan out every minute of my schedule when I’m at home in Toronto, my spontaneous side instantly comes out with even the slightest mention of the opportunity to travel. It doesn’t matter whether it’s to a destination that’s near or far, interesting or boring, inexpensive or glamorous, I am always down to hop in a car or jump on a plane to get somewhere, anywhere, at any time.

Sure, being a spontaneous traveler on the regular is certainly easier when you’re your own boss and control your own schedule, but, I still tried to get away as often as possible even when I held down a 9-5 job on top of my budding blogging career.

There are a few things that can help make travelling more often, and travelling last minute, possible without maxing out your credit cards or inducing tons of stress from not knowing anything about where you’re going. So what are the tools, tricks and rules I use and follow to make it all a reality? See below:

Gracie Carroll - 5 Things I Do To Make Travelling More Affordable - CIBC Aventura

A morning hike up the volcano in Lanzarote

5 Things I Do To Make Travelling More Affordable

1. Look For Deals

This may seem obvious, but seriously, look for deals! Pay attention to those many, many emails that airlines like to send, because the right deal for you might just be hiding inside. You also need to be smart about when and how you book, especially when booking flights. I like to use Google Flights for a quick way to scan prices from all airlines. I also like to keep my eye on promotions from reputable travel deal websites. This ties in with my next tip, but you should also get a credit card that will help you collect travel points and make travelling more often possible!

2. Have the Right Credit Card

Having the right credit card can make all the difference when it comes to making your travel experience easier and safer. Not only do I rely on my credit card to help with booking my travel before I leave, but I count on it for security and the comfort in knowing that I’ll always have access to money and be able to pay no matter where I am in the world. Using the CIBC Aventura ® Visa Infinite card liberates me to travel whenever I want, and gives real value thanks to the points I’m able to collect by using it on a daily basis. I love that CIBC Aventura gets that we millennials want to collect points to reap the rewards on the regular, instead of having to save up a lifetime’s worth of points for one single trip.

3. Stay with Friends

As much as I would love to stay in a fancy hotel every time I travelled to another city, the reality is that I can’t always afford where I’d want to stay, or I simply choose to save money by staying with a friend when possible. It’s no secret that hotels add up at any price, and why spend the money on a room you’ll hardly be in when you could put that money towards more experiential opportunities related to your visit to a new place? Unfortunately, I don’t have friends in every city I’d like to visit around the world, but, I do definitely try to visit the ones where I do.


Gracie Carroll - 5 Things I Do To Make Travelling More Affordable - CIBC Aventura

Riding the carousel in the centre of Florence

4. Outsource an Expert

I know firsthand that when you’re busy it can be overwhelming to try and deal with your travel bookings, budget, itinerary and accommodations. I absolutely love that the CIBC Aventura personal concierge takes the stress out of panning a holiday and ensures that card holders have access to the best deals available. I mean, who could say no to a complimentary personal assistant to making planning your travel way easier?

5. Ask Locals For Suggestions

There’s nothing I dislike more than a tourist trap, and I try my best to avoid them at all costs when I travel. Trust me, they can be hard to avoid sometimes, but it can also be as easy as asking a local to help get directed to a cool or reputable spot. On my recent trip to Miami I was lucky to have an amazing Lyft driver who gave us tons of recommendations for affordable local places to check out on our visit. I don’t know how we would have navigated our way through the overwhelming amount of options and places without his help!

So, has this post given you the itch to start looking for some travel deals to book your next vacation asap? My mind is already racing with ideas about where I should go to next! Wherever you go, I hope this post helps inspire you to take time to travel more often, because, well, it’s important to go out and explore the world that we live in!

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This post is sponsored by CIBC, but all opinions are my own


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