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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

5 Time Hacks I Use To Stop The Time Suck During Summer

By Gracie Carroll

If you think a picture of me eating a salad in the middle of the street is odd, think again. Even though I regularly get to enjoy incredible meals (sitting down) at some of the city’s top restaurants, when I’m not, I can often be found running around the city and eating on the go. On an given day, it would not be uncommon to find me eating breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, in the back of an Uber, while waiting for the TTC, or even just walking down the street.

As you might be able tell, I’m a multi-tasker. Life is busy, and eating is important to me, even when time is short.

While I’d like to say I’m organized enough to be equipped with pre-pepped meals, I can safely say that I make up part of the 25-28% of women in Canada who find meal preparation and meal planning to be a time suck, especially during the summer months when schedules are more packed than ever.

In the same survey by Wendy’s, they found that Canadian millennials aged 18-24 (78%) are the most likely age group to look for summer shortcuts, which, to me, as a Canadian millennial, makes total sense. I mean, who doesn’t want to find time hacks to stop the time suck during our precious summer months? Here are 5 of my favourites that I use on the daily:

GracieCarroll_WendysSummerSalad - 1

Know Where To Eat Healthy, Cheap and Fast.

As highlighted earlier in this post, I’m not alone when it comes to experiencing meal prep woes. Yes, it’s practical but finding a spare 6 hours on a sunny Sunday to do it just isn’t. Instead, I try to pre-plan where I can pick up a healthy (and affordable) lunch that’s fast when I’m on the go. Although a lot of my Wendy’s visits are for a little JBC date with Josh, recently they’ve played a key role in providing a big, delicious and nutritious salad (that’s light on calories) when I need a quick and healthy meal. If you have not yet tried their new Strawberry Mango Chicken Salad, you MUST TRY IT RIGHT NOW! Plus, even the full-size salad is only 450 calories.

Get Down with Double Duty Exercise

I’m the first to admit that getting to the gym can quickly fall to the bottom of my to-do list, especially when spending time outdoors is way more tempting. To avoid falling out of a workout routine without sacrificing time outside, I like to combine the two by taking my workouts outdoors. To be honest, I normally take things one step further by running through #the6ix with my little #OliveRoll so that she gets her exercise in too.

Use Technology To Move Through The City Faster

The survey by Wendy’s found that 55% of Canadians find commuting or traffic to be their top ‘time suck’ during the summer months. Anyone who lives in Toronto can certainly relate, especially since construction can be found on almost every major street until the weather cools off. Like many other Canadians, sitting in traffic or waiting for the TTC (when it’s stuck in traffic) is one of my biggest pet peeves. I try my best to avoid losing precious time due to traffic by using technology to my advantage. When commuting by TTC I like to use the RocketMan app to know when the next streetcar or bus is coming, Uber to order a car to my door, and the Waze app to help map the best route to avoid traffic.

Get Everything Delivered To You When Possible

From meeting deadlines at work, meeting friends after work, planning for weekend getaways and packing for them, there’s a lot to do in the summer! If you struggle with how you’ll get it all done, especially when you’re short on time, use delivery services to your advantage to make life easier. I love having everything from groceries and LCBO orders delivered to my door (especially before a party), so you can imagine just how enthusiastic I am about the efficiency of things like AmazonPrime for gifts, gadgets and pretty much anything else your heart desires.

Don’t Be Afraid To Source and Hire Help

Similar to using delivery services to help you save time, don’t be afraid to go one step further to source and hire the help you need, even if it’s for a short time period. Like many other Canadians, cleaning is a task I find to be a massive ‘time suck’ that I absolutely do not enjoy (28% of those surveyed listed laundry and dishes as a top time suck). The obvious answer here is to hire someone to help you clean and tidy on the regular, or even just once in a while. If you need help with errands or other random tasks, summer is a prime time to reach out to that younger sibling, cousin or friend who might be out of school and looking to make extra cash by helping with random tasks.



*Please note that this post has been brought to you in partnership with Wendy’s*

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