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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Beauty & Skincare Devices Worth The Splurge

By Blair Stutz

It seems that almost everyday there are new skincare and wellness tools coming out and each one’s promise is grander than the next. Even as a self-admitted beauty junkie, I’m often left confused at what’s what but having tried some of the best, I’m here to share what is really worth your hard-earned bucks. 

These high-tech beauty and skincare tools not only strive to provide you with noticeable results but they also offer a great self-care moment. You’re taking a few minutes out of your life, for you so enjoy treating yourself and making yourself feel fabulous. After all, — you’re worth it. 

Dr. Dennis Gross LED Mask

dr dennis gross LED mask

$555 at Sephora

You might look like something out of a horror film or ready to take shots on goal but this LED mask from Dr. Dennis Gross is a fave for a reason. The red lights emitted from this baby work to stimulate collagen and the blue work to kill the bacteria that causes acne. Even though it’s a serious lewk, you’ll wear it for just three minutes per day so it won’t put a strain on your daily routine. 

NuFace Petite Facial Kit

nuface petite kit

$339 at Nordstrom

If you’re up to date on all the latest and greatest beauty trends, you’ve probably heard the word ‘microcurrent’ being thrown around. But what does that actually mean? Basically, tools or devices that emit microcurrents help tone, lift and contour skin from the comfort of home. This kit from NUFACE delivers results that you have to see for yourself to believe. It comes with everything you need from the device itself plus the serums needed to use with it. The best part about this bundle is that included is the FIX Line Smoothing Device which helps tighten, lift and brighten areas around the eyes, mouth, forehead, as well as nasolabial folds. 

Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller

nurse jamie beauty roller

$86 at Sephora

Calling all RHOBH fans! If this facial roller looks familiar, that’s because it’s the exact one that Ms. Sutton Stracke used to keep her anxiety at bay. While I have yet to notice it help with anxiousness, I do love it for its skincare and wellness benefits. This baby was specially designed to help uplift, energize, revive, and depuff the skin and the 24 massaging stones coupled with the rhythmic rolling action, result in a unique sensation that mimics expert facial techniques. I like to use the beauty roller while wearing a sheet mask to help the serums further penetrate into the skin. Plus, it feels kinda fabulous and extra — who doesn’t love that?

WTHN Cupping Kit

wthn cupping kit

$70 at Gee Beauty

You’ve heard of cupping being used as part of physiotherapy but did you know that you can use the same technique on your face? Facial cupping is growing in popularity and even though it sounds a bit out there, it’s amazing for draining excess water retention and depuffing the face for a more lifted appearance. The WTHN Cupping Kit comes with two different-sized cups that really get into the contours of your face. Make sure you apply a hefty amount of face oil because there’s nothing worse than a cup hickey. 

The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller

skinny confidential ice roller

$87 at Gee Beauty

Another tool that just feels SO good on the skin is an ice roller. While you might wonder if ice cubes are just as good, just give this device a quick try. Brilliant to use throughout the day but especially in the morning to depuff, the solid aluminum roller stays cool and helps lock in hydration from your serums and moisturizer. 

DERMAFLASH Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser

$129 at Sephora

Take your at-home facials to the next level with this pore extractor and serum infuser. At first glance, it might look intimidating but you simply glide the device around your face and watch how it works its magic. This tool is two-in-one because the extractor setting removes dirt, oil, and blackheads while the infuser setting enhances the penetration of active ingredients in your fave products. 

Face Gym Hyaluronic Roller

face gym hylauronic roller

$95 USD at Face Gym

Rollers are all the rage but this one stands out from the rest. A combo of dermarolling, this one uses little tiny microneedles infused with hyaluronic acid that actually dissolve into the skin. Microneedling helps promote collagen production as well as plump the skin because the teeny needles trick the skin into thinking it’s injured, promoting a rejuvenating response. 



(Story by Contributing Editor, Blair Stutz)


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