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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

The 7 Canadian Female Entrepreneurs You Can Learn From This Week

By Gracie Carroll

BOLO E7 Women In Business Networking Night

Entrepreneurship may be in my blood, but that hasn’t made my journey any easier. Yes, I currently run my own business (and I’m proud of it!) but that doesn’t mean that every new business idea or venture I’ve had has worked out. There have been plenty of starts, stops and fumbles as I’ve found my way and so often I’ve longed for someone to turn to for advice. Not someone on an entirely different career path, not someone with a business so big they couldn’t relate to my teeny tiny start-up, but someone who had been where I was not so long ago and could prepare me with the right advice and tips to overcome the hurdles I was facing.

Because I know there are so many women out there right now who have just gone freelance for the first time, left a cushy job to start their own thing, or are currently figuring out how to make their side hustle turn into their full-time hustle, I could not be more excited to invite you to the first ever BOLO x Edit Seven Women In Business Networking Night this Thursday night in Toronto.

Instead of a panel format, BOLO founder, Caleigh Rykiss and I decided we wanted to give our attendees a more hands-on opportunity to learn from and really connect with our powerful AF line-up of Guest Experts.

Bolo x edit seven networking night

What does that mean? During the hour-long portion of our “Speed Networking” Event, you’ll have the chance to sit down at three different tables hosted by three different female entrepreneurs who will be discussing important areas of building your business such as: incorporation, expansion, social media branding and partnerships, finance, organization and much more.

Not only will you have the chance to listen to them during these three 20 minute sessions, but you’ll be able to take part in the conversation and ask questions. After the first hour is up, everyone will be free to continue to network and connect, giving you the opportunity to meet more of the Guest Experts along with the other up-and-coming hustlers in attendance. Of course your tickets will also include drinks from our generous sponsors FIOL Prosecco, Barefoot Wine and ROAR Organics throughout the night, along with an epic cheese spread from McEwan Catering!

Keep reading to learn more about the 7 amazing Canadian female entrepreneurs you’ll have the chance to learn from no matter what industry you’re in, or stage your business is in!

Amber Joliat of MISFITSTUDIO

amber joliat misfitstudio

The founder and creator MISFITSTUDIO in Toronto, Amber Joliat is a powerful force in the wellness and movement world. Her studios have a cult-like following of badass women in the city, and Amber will be sharing wisdom on everything from finding the right space for your business, to how to expand to multiple locations.


Catriona Smart of Coco & Cowe and Halo PR

catriona smart coco and cowe halo pr

After building her own influential online brand, Coco & Cowe founder, Catriona Smart, teamed up with a partner to launch Halo PR. No stranger to juggling multiple businesses and projects, Catriona is an industry chameleon who will be discussing fluidity in business, brand strategy and growth. She also knows a thing or two about investing in real estate so you might want to ask her about that too!


Pattie Lovett Reid

Pattie Lovett Reid finance

As the Chief Financial Commentator on CTV news, Pattie Lovett Reid knows a thing or two about money. Dealing with money, talking about money and how to negotiate money can be one of the biggest challenges for women in business, and we’re thrilled to have Pattie present to discuss topics surrounding finance, investor relations and your business.


Beverley Cheng of Born To Sweat

beverley cheng born to sweat

Wondering how you can take your love for fitness and social media to the next level? Then you definitely won’t want to miss the chance to hear from #fitfluencer extraordinaire Beverley Cheng. Bev will be discussing how to build a brand online and a successful Instagram profile, as well as expanding into multiple revenue streams that include partnerships, e-commerce, online programs and more.


Darielle Teitelbaum of Awe Legal

Darielle Teitelbaum awe legal

Have you ever wondered about when, why or how you should incorporate you business? Waiting too long to figure it out was one of the biggest business mistakes I have ever made, and I’m so happy to have Darielle Teitelbaum of Awe Legal available to help guide you through the most important legal questions and areas of your business.


Ivy Chen of Bebe Fete

ivy chen prim and pimp shop bebe fete

Not only is Ivy Chen a super stylish Instagram star and the mother of two young boys, she’s also the founder and creator of the kids fashion line, Bebe Fete. If you’re interested in launching a fashion or product-based line in Toronto, Ivy is the pro you’ll definitely want to sit down with!


Alena Luciani of Training2XL

alena luciani training2xl

Is organization and efficiency where you tend to fall flat? Then don’t miss out on your chance to learn from the Queen of organization, Alena Luciani of Training2XL. From goal setting to time blocking, Alena will be discussing ways to help you (and your business!) become more productive right away.


Interested in joining us on Thursday night? Click HERE to grab your tickets now!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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