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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Kitchen Tools To Buy That’ll Make Your Life Easier

By Blair Stutz

Photo via @allisonbickerstaff

While we are spending much more time at home, that certainly doesn’t mean we’re less busy. Whether you’re a working-at-home parent trying to balance meetings and Zoom school for your kiddies, or you’re just balancing all that life’s throwing at you, anything that is a time-saver, is a win in our books. And when we’re busy, the last thing we want to spend hours doing is cooking, even though we enjoy it, it’s always helpful to have a few kitchen items that make the job easier. 

Here are 7 kitchen tools to buy that’ll definitely help make your life easier!

Our Place Always Pan

Photo via @kasa.kat

Replacing eight (!!) pieces of traditional cookware is the Always Pan from Our Place. On top of looking so beautiful, this multifunctional pan is about to become your new best friend thanks to its insane non-stick coating where even eggs won’t stick. Wondering what this baby can do? It steams, braises, sears, sautees, boils, and more plus it even doubles as a spoon rest for its own spatula. Available in five colours, including this stunning millennial pink, this pan needs to be in your kitchen!

KitchenAid Mixer

If you do any baking at all, do yourself a favour and spring for one of KitchenAid’s iconic stand mixers. There are a few different ones out there but we know that whichever one you choose will have pride of place on your countertop. These powerhouse mixers make whipping up meringues a sinch and if you’re a bread baker, then your tired arms will thank you. Plus there are a handful of great attachments you can buy like a meat grinder and pasta maker.


Is your smoothie game severely lacking? Then it might be time to invest in a top of the line blender and while there are lots of options out there, nothing is better than a Vitamix. These powerhouse blenders are worth the splurge and will have your smoothies, soups, purees, and even homemade almond milk as smooth as silk before you know it in just a few seconds. Take a note from our EIC Gracie who is known for whipping up a week’s worth of her Glowing Greek Smoothie at a time. 

Cuisinart Food Processor

Photo via @jazzminkaita

Who has time for chopping veggies? We sure don’t and that’s why your kitchen needs a food processor. There are a million and one different processors to choose from but Cuisinart is the best of the best. If you live alone or are a family of two, you might want to go for a smaller one but if you cook a lot or are feeding a small army, we suggest sizing up for an 11 or 12 cup one that will make kitchen prep a snap.

Philips Air Fryer

Looking to cut back on unhealthy deep fried foods but just can’t say no to fries? We gotchu. An air fryer is your answer and even though some are on the bigger side, their convenience is well worth the counter space. This one by Philips has unique fat removal technology (yes, you read that right!) and it preheats in literal seconds so crispy and delicious snacks can be ready in no time.

Nespresso Vertuo

Even though it’s more important than ever to be supporting our local coffee shops these days if you’re pressed for time, why not make your morning latte at home? It’s easier than ever with Nespresso’s lineup of impressive coffee machines and our pick is the brands Vertuo Coffee Machine and Milk Frother. Simply pop in the pod, froth up your milk of choice, and bask in the caffeinated goodness.

Instant Pot

Who has the time to wait for ages for pot roasts, tender meats, and soups? Definitely not us and that’s why an Instant Pot should definitely be on your kitchen wishlist. These multi-cookers cook up to 70% faster so no matter what you’re craving, you can have it much sooner than you would if you were to cook on stove-top. This baby sous-vides, slow cooks, sautes, ferments, bakes, and more and it’s all done with just a press of a button.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Blair Stutz)

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