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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 New Wellness Trends We Expect To Dominate In 2020

By Kait Fowlie

new wellness trends 2020

image via @muaddibthecat

In 2019, wellness trends were all about optimization. We did high-performance workouts, took brain-boosting supplements, drank adaptogen lattes and intermittently fasted. Was it simple? No. Did it work? Depends who you ask. One thing is for sure: Nothing about wellness was especially easy in 2019, and perhaps this is perhaps par for the course – in an increasingly connected, complicated world, our wellness practices need to be superpowered, right?

Well, in 2020, we continue to aim for vitality through intricate means, and those who’d prefer to not make health a lifestyle will have plenty to roll their eyes about – while those who do  will have much to discover and have fun with. Here are some of the wellness trends we predict will cause all the buzz in 2020.


CBD (and Other Cannabinoids)

Are The Covetable New ‘Leafy Green’

sackville and co

Image via @Sackville.and.co

If you thought CBD couldn’t possibly get any more trendy (thanks, Kim K, and Goop, and… every other celeb who jumped on the pot bandwagon in 2019), 2020 will prove our cannabis obsession has only just begun. As restrictions around edibles and topicals loosen up in Canada, we’ll see more opportunities for mamaganja to aid health issues from eczema to anxiety. The cannabis community is hopeful that more research will support the popularization of cannabinoids beyond just THC and CBD (yep, this plant has over 100), and all the ways they can serve us.

The Intersection of Wellness and

Socializing Is The New Norm

sober curious movement

Say goodbye to your weekend hangover cured by brunch and mimosas. In 2020, we sip green juice and sweat together. Wellness experiences from group fitness classes to sober dance parties to spa retreats / wellness travel will be popular among social circles looking for a good time and, actually, a more sustainable way of connecting. The sober curious movement (ala The Numinous’ editor Ruby Warrington) rapidly became appealing for anyone ISO of a high vibe, healthy life, and in 2020, it continues gaining traction.

Next-Level Digital Detoxes

Safeguard Our Overactive Brains

digital detoxes

“The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works,” a former Facebook exec famously said, referring to the addictive design of our beloved social platforms Facebook and Instagram. Hence, dopamine fasting was born out of a need to reset the brain to ‘remember simple pleasures.’ Expect to see many options to support your dopamine fast in the coming year – silent retreats, fasts, sensory deprivation systems, etc.

Light Management Glasses are

More of a Need-Not-a-Want

light management glassses

Most of us are aware of how important it is to avoid blue light from your screens before bed – but in 2020, chances are, we’re bound to kick up our protection a notch. The truth is, the vast majority of us are heavily dependent on our devices and spend 11 hours per day looking at screens (!) So, soaking it all in so often makes a ‘no screens in the bedroom rule’ seem a little redundant, non? Hence, blue light blocking glasses that don’t look like googles, with prescription and without, are about to be very evidently necessary. Companies like BluBlox are already proving it.

Green Skin Care = Wellness

From The Outside In

green skin care trend

Maybe because the skin is the body’s largest organ, 2019 seemed to define the marker of wellness as glowing, well-moisturized skin, and this trend reaches new heights in 2020. What’s good for the body is good for the earth, and vice versa. According to Vogue, ‘if clean, natural, and organic directed the conversation in recent years, sustainability is the word on the rise.’ We can expect to see more brands take after L’Oréal and L’Occitane, who are all addressing the plastic problem in their own unique ways. No one wants a bunch of chemicals – including plastic, in or on their bodies in 2020.

A Clean Home Is The Launchpad

For Our Healthiest Life

hygge clean home

Get ready to love your jungalow even more. As we focus increasingly on the importance of mental health, simple pleasures as a way of achieving happiness (hey, hygge life), and living green, it makes sense that clean homes reach peak trend this year. Renewable energy, good air quality, sustainably sourced furniture and minimal plastic are all deemed worth the splurge, in 2020.

Plant-Based Options Go Beyond Soy

and More Big Brands Go Meatless


The plant-based food boom of 2019 will continue into 2020 and beyond, according to Whole Foods, and this year we’ll see brands rely less on soy and more on ingredients like grains, mung beans, hempseed, pumpkin, avocado, watermelon seed and golden chlorella to make meat substitutes. Butchers and meat brands will even get in on the action – as the market for meat substitutes is expected to hit $2.5 billion by 2023. It’s time for the plant-based diet to thrive.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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