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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 of The Best Natural Deodorant Brands That Actually Work

By Gracie Carroll

There’s nothing like sweating through a hot summer day to make you feel more self-conscious than ever about your own body odour. Despite how sweaty you might be, if you’re anything like me, then your commitment to using natural deodorants is strong and unwavering, even if it can take quite a bit more work to find one that actually works for you. I’ve been on the hunt for great natural deodorants since high school (anyone else remember using “the crystal”?) and have certainly experienced my fair share of trial and error with different natural deodorants, so, I’m super excited to finally share a  list of the ones I love most.

Keep reading for 7 of the best natural deodorants that actually work!

Schmidt Naturals

120618_Schmidts_0762_ (1)

Schmidt Naturals deodorants are actually the newest addition to my beauty drawer out of everything included in this list, but, after interviewing the founder, Jaime Schmidt, and learning about the incredible success of her brand and products, I knew I needed to try them out for myself right away. I was immediately attracted to the Rose+Vanilla (although Bergamot+Lime was a close second) and applied it as soon as I got it. There’s really nothing like walking around in 30+ degree heat to put a natural deodorant to the test, and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t “smell” like sweat even after putting in nearly 15K steps on a hot summer day. Personally, I also love that these come in stick form as I find them quicker and easier to apply.

Shop: Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, $15.49 at Well.ca


Leaves of Trees


If you’re looking for a luxe natural deodorant option that’s made right here in Toronto, then look no further than Leaves of Trees. With scents like Lavender Tangerine, Eucalyptus Mint, and (my personal favourite) Persian Lime, I can guarantee you’ll actually look forward to applying your deodorant in the morning as they become part of your “beauty routine”. These aluminum-free deodorants come in chic and compact tubes so they’re easy to throw in your bag and bring along with you in case you want to reapply throughout the day.

Shop: Leaves of Trees deodorant, from $17 for 37ml 


No Pong Deodorant


If you caught our article on the best clean beauty products to switch to first, then you’ll have already been introduced to No Pong deodorant. Originally hailing from Australia, this natural anti odourant brand recently launched in Canada and we couldn’t be happier that they did. This deodorant applies like a silky smooth rich cream and the lovely scent (think lemongrass, vanilla and cedarwood) is light but effective.

Shop: No Pong natural deodorant, $8.49 at Well.ca


Joyous Health

Joyous Health Deodorant- Best Natural Deodorant Brands - Edit Seven

Holistic Nutritionist, Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health was one of the first nutritionists I started following when I became more interested in learning about food and health about eight years ago. To this day she’s still one of my favourite people to follow online and is definitely a trusted source when it comes to great recipes along with health and wellness advice. At some point in recent years I got my hands on her Lavender Deodorant Stick and used it daily until there was literally nothing left. According to Joy, it’s the clinically proven sage extract used in her baking-soda free Lavender Deodorant Stick that keeps you stink free–and it really works!

Shop: Joyous Health deodorant, $8 at JoyousHealth.com



Jason Deodorant - Best Natural Deodorant Brands - Edit Seven

If you’re in search of a great natural deodorant that you can easily pick up at your nearest health food store, look out for the deodorant sticks by Jason. Not only are these deodorants super affordable and effective (as well as more widely available than some of the local brands I’ve included here) but they also come in a stick for easy application.

Shop: Jason Deodorant Stick, $7.99 at Well.ca



Weleda spray deodorants

If deodorant sticks and creams aren’t your thing in general, then let me introduce you to the wonderful world of the Weleda Deodorant Spray. Applying a spritz of these refreshing essential oil deodorant sprays feels more like putting on a dash of perfume than a deodorant, and I’ve been a big fan of them for years. My personal favourite is the Wild Rose 24H Deodorant although the Sage is a close second.

Shop: Weleda Deodorant Spray, $19.99 at Well.ca



Best Natural Deodorant Brands - Edit Seven

Here’s another great Canadian skin care brand that’s made right here in Toronto. LOVEFRESH is well known for their amazing natural deodorants and personally I love that they’ve been smart enough to offer their popular products in both a stick or jar option so that you, the consumer, can choose based on your personal preference when it comes to the application. From Mandarin Lime to Sweet Orange Patchouli, you’re sure to find an option that suits you.

Shop: LOVEFRESH natural deodorant, from $16 at lovefresh.com




(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)


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