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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Questions with Natalie Halcro and Liv Pierson about Relatively Nat & Liv

By Gracie Carroll

realtively Nat & Liv show

It’s no secret that here at Edit Seven we’re big fans of reality T.V., which is why we’re more than a little obsessed with the ‘reality on demand’ streaming app, Hayu, for helping us indulge in all of our binge-watching desires. Remember when we interviewed Dolores Catania of RHONJ? Well, this time we’re back with another great Q&A featuring Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson to discuss their recently launched family-focused reality show, Relatively Nat & Liv on on E!

You  might recognize these two Canadian beauties from WAGS LA or social media, but through their new show they promise to reveal a more “laid-back” side to their glamour girl lifestyle that’s so often portrayed on T.V. and online.

Keep reading for our Q&A with cousin BFFs Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson about their new show, Relatively Nat & Liv which you can watch on E! and Hayu: 

relatively nat & liv

Edit Seven: Tell us about life before becoming reality TV stars, have you always been BFFs? What could the two of you most often be found doing (back in Canada) before starring in a TV series?

Natalie Halcro: “Yeah, we’re family—we’re cousins—so all of our family is kind of, like, best friends, and Olivia and I have always been best friends really.”

Olivia Pierson: “Two peas in a pod! Before, we would just do any other regular things.”

Natalie Halcro: “Same things we do now! Just sit a home…eat, and watch our shows! (laughs) Workout together…”

E7: How did you both end up finding yourselves in L.A. and part of the cast of WAGS LA? What was that experience like, especially together?

OP: “We weren’t going to do it without one another because we are two peas in a pod; our girlfriend Nicole came to Natalie with the idea of WAGS because Natalie’s ex boyfriend and Nicole’s now husband were on the same football team. So that’s how WAGS LA came about, but, it was great to do together! We’ve always said if we didn’t have each other we probably wouldn’t have done it.”

NH: “Yeah, not at all.”

E7: As Canadians, have you ever felt like your approach to the entertainment business has been different from some of your American co-stars? 

OP: “Maybe we’re just more laid-back…we don’t care as much, maybe? Like more in the Canadian way.”

E7: From blogging and brand building to fashion, the two of you often work together. What is it about your relationship and family bond that works so well when it comes to business?

OP:  “Well, a fun fact for Natalie and I is that we’re kind of two opposites. So, it ends up working. She’s more of the creative where I’m more  the business brain. If we were both creative we’d never make it to an appointment (laughs), if we were both the business mind we’d have nothing to show for it. So I think that’s why we work so well together–that we perfectly fit in with each other with our differences.”

E7: What advice would you give to other family members (or cousin BFFs!) who are interested in starting a business or brand together?

OP: “I’ve heard that a lot of people say ‘don’t get into business with you friends or family!’ but for us that just hasn’t been the case. So, advice…I mean, Natalie and I never fight. Like, for real we never fight. My sister and I, in the past, we would fight!”

NH: “Yeah. I’d say if you don’t get along, like, swell in normal life situations, then, DON’T try to go into business together because it is taxing on your relationship (laughs).”

E7: Tell us more about Relatively Nat & Liv! What can people expect to discover about the two of you that might be surprising for those of us who have watched you on WAGS LA?

OP: “I think that on Instagram (and) WAGS—you see us in a very, like, polished manner and really glammed up. On this show you definitely see us with no makeup on—fishing, milking goats…like, things we did in Canada before going to LA. So you see a more stripped down version of us.”

NH: “It’s more laid-back!”

relatively nat & liv cast

E7: Has working with EVEN MORE family members been more exciting or more challenging?

OP: “Definitely more exciting!”

NH: “One hundred percent, hands down more exciting.”

E7: What about the new show sets it apart from other family shows on Hayu, and why do you think everyone should tune in to Relatively Nat & Liv?

NH: “Hmmm I don’t actually watch reality TV! (laughs)”

OP: “I would say that there are so many cast members that for the most part someone can relate to someone on the show.”

E7: Lastly, please share some of your favourite spots in Vancouver so fans can live a “day in the life” a la Nat and Liv!

OP:  “One hundred percent, every time we come home (to Vancouver) we go straight to Earl’s… we always miss their Chili Chicken on rice!”

NH: “And then we go to Pierre’s, West Oak, Twelve West—those are kind of our night life spots.”

OP: “A&W, Tim Hortons…gotta get that Boston Cream! Those are kinda our spots.” 




(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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