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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Bone Broth Every Damn Day

By Gracie Carroll

Ripe Nutrition Bone Broth Cleanse

In the wellness world, there’s nothing more buzz-worthy right now than “Bone Broth” which you may have started seeing everywhere from your favourite health food store to indie coffee shop. While you might associate sipping a big bowl of broth with sick days only, Alexandra Baird of Ripe Nutrition (and the creator of her “liquid gold” bone broth) urges you to stop saving your broth intake for when you’re feeling under the weather. According to Alexandra, sipping on real bone broth is like sipping on nature’s multivitamin and this winter she wants you to swap out your daily “cold green juice for a warming immunity elixir” (aka bone broth) instead.

We, of course, wanted to know more about the health and beauty benefits of drinking bone broth on the daily so we asked Alexandra to fill us in! Keep reading for her top 7 reasons why you need to start ‘brothing’ right now:

bone broth health benefits - ripe nutrition broth

1. Heals Digestion // Leaky Gut // Food Intolerances

The lining of your gut can easily become damaged from a diet containing sugar, processed or fast foods, alcohol, and foods you have an intolerance to. Eventually this daily occurring damage can lead to leaky gut – which is when small tears in your intestinal wall allow for toxins and undigested food particles to enter into your bloodstream. This causes systemic inflammation, a weakened immune system, nutrient deficiencies, digestive disturbances, and even more food intolerances! 

Bone broth is rich in both collagen and glutamine which soothe and repair the digestive lining and heal leaky gut. It is also rich in gelatin, which supports the growth of probiotics (the good bacteria!) in the gut and lowers overall gut inflammation. If you’re someone who has a food intolerance, a daily serving of bone broth is something I would definitely recommend adding into your diet!

2. Muscle Repair // Post-Workout

Amino acids in bone broth help to build and repair muscle tissue, boost nutrient absorption, and maintain muscle health. Glutamine found in bone broth will speed up the recovery process by re-synthesizing carbohydrates after your workout, and replenishing your glycogen reserves. The glycine content in bone broth will help your muscle tissue by converting glucose into usable energy, while also preventing muscle loss. This will not only help you feel better after your workout, but also assist in building more muscle over time. 

3. Promote Healthy Skin

Collagen helps to form elastin, which is what makes our skin appear tight and youthful. Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but the amount we produce begins to decline as we age. By drinking a daily cup of bone broth, you are giving your body an extra boost of collagen that will help to keep your skin healthy and vibrant, while minimizing wrinkles and cellulite. 

liquid gold bone broth benefits

4. Boosts Immunity

As mentioned above, bone broth contains nutrients that repair your digestive lining and heal leaky gut. Doing so will give your immune system less stress from the toxins entering your blood stream, and lower overall inflammation. 

Cysteine, an amino acid found in chicken bone broth, breaks down mucous to help clear your respiratory pathways  when you’re feeling stuffed up. And when you have the stomach flu? Bone broth is the most easy to digest, nutrient-dense substance you can give your body that will balance your electrolytes and nourish you back to health.

5. Promotes Detoxification

Bone broth is rich in potassium and glycine, which promote detoxification at a cellular level. It’s also a great source of sulphur and glutathione, which stimulate the liver’s detoxification process and help rid the body of heavy metals. Better and more efficient full-body detoxification will leave you feeling more energized, and notice better skin, digestion, mood and sleep!

6. Improves Joint Health

Bone broth is rich in glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, the same compounds sold as expensive supplements, which help to reduce inflammation, arthritis, and joint pain. Collagen and gelatin also work to restore our cartilage and bone health, by allowing for bones to glide without friction. If you’re someone who suffers from joint pain or arthritis, a daily cup of bone broth is definitely recommended!

7. It Can Boost Your Energy

Personally, I like to drink my broth first thing in the morning before lemon water and coffee to line my gut! It really helps me to feel satiated and boosts my energy. I also drink it all throughout the day when I’m hungry or want a snack. Its also amazing before bed! So basically I drink it ALL DAY! It truly is liquid gold. In case you’re wondering, I drink 1L per day but 1 cup will do the trick. 

ripe nutrition liquid gold bone broth

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(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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