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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Things To Know About Getting The Most Natural Look with Fillers

By Gracie Carroll

how to get the most natural look with fillers - edit seven

Please note that this post has been brought to you in partnership with Allergan, all thoughts and opinions are our own

To filler or not to filler? That is the question that comes up so very often amongst the #TeamE7 crew. “Would you ever?” or “Have you ever?” seems to be a constant conversation, especially when it involves those of us who are approaching (or well within) our thirties.

But so often the pushback relates to the same concerns that we all share; “I don’t want puffy duck lips!” or “I still want to be able to move my face!” Which always begs the question: how do you go about seeking the most natural look with fillers?

Recently in Toronto, I had the chance to sit down with world-leading facial aesthetics expert, Dr. Mauricio de Maio, who hails from Brazil. Charming and animated (and not to mention handsome) Dr. de Maio’s sole mission in life is to make people the most beautiful version of themselves.

Dr. de Maio is considered to be a pioneer in facial injectables and currently travels the world to train doctors on his game-changing approach to injectables and facial aesthetics for the best and most natural results. We sat down to chat more about his approach, and what we all need to know about how to get the most natural look with fillers.


Understand Emotional Goals vs Physical Outcomes

Dr. de Maio’s holistic approach is all about factoring in a patient’s emotional goals into their physical outcome. So, instead of a patient saying they want fuller lips and getting straight to work plumping them up, Dr. de Maio considers emotional attributes such as looking more feminine, slimmer, more youthful or less angry in order to deliver high patient satisfaction rates. If you’re considering fillers, ask yourself the question “How do I want to feel?”

Don’t Focus On The Wrong Areas

We can all relate to getting hung up on that one little thing about ourselves that apparently no-one else can see, or notice. But it drives us crazy! right? Dr. de Maio’s advice is to stop yourself from focusing on one specific area and be open to the changes that can help improve your overall results. Often times, we hone in on a “problem area” that might not actually be the place to focus on depending on the results you’re looking for. This circles back to why Dr. de Maio’s approach involves considering both your emotional goals and physical outcomes. Let’s face it: We all know puffy lips are NOT the answer to looking younger.

Fillers Are The New Face Lift

Watching re-runs of The Real Housewives (from pretty much any city) might make you think that dramatic face lifts are still a thing, but Dr. de Maio is here to reassure you that they’re not.

There’s a difference between types of Fillers

Since I have not yet taken the plunge into the world of cosmetic surgery, I had ALL the most basic questions to ask Dr. de Maio. Like, literally what is the difference between the different types of fillers? The most important thing to know is: you should NOT get wrinkle reducing injections in your lips. Save these for shaping and lifting areas such as your forehead and look to fillers for smoothing lines around your eyes, adding volume and definition to your lips, and restoring fullness to your cheeks. As Dr. de Maio shared, “Wrinkle reducing injections are for expression, hyaluronic acid fillers are for structure. Of course, you should consult your doctor before making any final decision and note that in Canada, wrinkle reducing injections are restricted to three areas which are in the upper part of the face (lines between the brows, lines in the forehead, and crows feet).”

Filler Can Help Prevent Signs of Aging

Dr. de Maio compares using fillers to working out and lifting weights to build muscle. He said, “gravity is a cruel thing to the human body as we age, but filler can help prevent the negative affects of gravity in a more positive way than not using any at all.” In his opinion, once you start using filler, even when it wears off, your face (and appearance of aging) will be in a better position at that point than if you never had any filler injections at all. In terms of what age you should start getting fillers, Dr. de Maio said it all depends on how you look for your chronological age. If you look younger than you are, then it’s not necessary, if you look older than he would recommend using fillers to help prevent early signs of aging.

Your Filler Injections Will Last Longer The Younger You Are

Although Dr. de Maio did not suggest that every young person should consider getting filler injections, he did share just how much longer filler will last for a young person vs. a mature patient. Dr. de Maio used the example that, “if you, your mother and your grandmother went in for the same consultation, your filler would last for one to two years while your grandmother’s would last only a few months.”

Be Sure To Find The Right Person For You

Dr. de Maio compared finding the right doctor for what you’re looking for to looking for to an interior designer who understands your taste. Shop around, book consultations, ask clear questions and request to look at past examples. A great tip that Dr. de Maio shared is to ask specifically if they’ve worked on someone similar to you and what the result was. Next, he emphasized the importance of seeking a consultation with a qualified aesthetic physician to ensure the best treatment and to avoid discounted treatment options

If you’re interested in searching for doctors in Canada who use Allergan and Dr. de Maio’s approach, click HERE!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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