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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Tips For Re-Selling Baby Gear From Rebelstork Founder Emily Hosie

By Gracie Carroll

rebelstork founder - re-selling baby clothes - edit seven

It is truly mind-boggling just how much baby gear little kids can accumulate, even when they’re teeny, tiny babies. Even more mind blowing is just how quickly they out grow the gear, or even lose interest in them. As a new mom, it was all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that I needed every product option on the market to help me get through the first year with my baby. Unfortunately, I quickly learned just how fast my baby would surpass certain gear, and then I was stuck with it taking up too much room in my little house.

I have always been a fan of shopping second hand, and while I have always loved shopping from consignment stores for myself, it’s become a fantastic option for sourcing great baby items for our growing girl. Additionally, the re-sell market has proven to be an amazing option for some parents to save some money or build a side hustle through re-selling their kids’ clothing and gear.

Entrepreneur, shopping expert, and Toronto-based mother Emily Hosie gets it. She is the CEO and Founder behind used baby gear e-comm site, Rebelstork and is encouraging mothers to make their every dollar count. Rebelstork is Canada’s first managed marketplace for baby gear where parents can find expert-curated used, open box and overstock goods at a reduced price.

Here we’re sharing Emily’s Top 7 tips for re-selling baby gear!

rebelstork founder - re-selling baby clothes - edit seven

1. Consider The Resale Opportunity When

Purchasing Baby Gear At Regular Retail

If you’re in the market for some baby gear think about the resale potential when making your decision. Buy a piece that will retain its value. Anything that is considered a core or iconic item to that brand will hold value most. Core items in basic colours rarely get marked down or put on promo at traditional retailers which pumps up their resale value on Rebelstork.


2. Take Care Of Your Items

Allowing your quality items to go into disrepair is the biggest mistake and one you should try to avoid. Especially strollers, as these tend to get the most wear but can also retain an extremely high resale value if kept in excellent condition. If there has been some wear to your stroller there are steps that you can take to get it back into shape like getting it professionally cleaned, not leaving it outside to fend off the elements and wiping down the wheels when wet to avoid rust growth.

3. You Can’t Beat The Market!

The Rebelstork proprietary pricing algorithm sets fair market value on every item that is listed on the site. In order to earn maximum resale value on items the resale pricing must be aligned with the market demand and there must be an understanding of trend cycles. You can’t beat the market by pricing something outside of its value. Age, condition and brand help shape the market value of an item. Trends go up and down, so to earn the most for your item you should consign in time to catch trends on their way up and before they dip.


4. Trust The Experts & Let Rebelstork Help You!

Realize the value of your time and allow experts to do all the heavy lifting for you. Here at Rebelstork, the Rebby Team’s goal is to bring buyers and sellers together in an environment that ensures buyer and seller safety, product quality, fair pricing and a hassle-free service. Basically, removing the pain points of selling on a do-it-yourself platform. On Rebelstork, the average listing sells within 48hrs of being posted and the average seller earns $400 per 4+ item pick-up.


rebelstork founder - re-selling baby clothes - edit seven

5.  Book Your Gear Pick Up As Soon As Your Baby Outgrows It!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), there is a direct correlation between baby gear resale value and time. Our proprietary pricing algorithm takes this into account when generating the earnings estimates for your items being listed. Your baby gear is not a Hermes Birkin bag which appreciates in value the longer you hold onto it. It’s actually the very opposite. Every day, month, year that you hold onto your baby gear the more the resale value decreases – on average 20% per year. To earn the most, book your pickup as soon as your baby has outgrown something. If your family decides to have more children down the road you will be able to use these maximized earnings to purchase the newer technology or trend for when the time comes.


6. Prep Your Gear For Re-sale

Take a few minutes to ensure your gear is prepped and ready for your contact and hassle free pickup. Ensure your gear is clean and free of stains and smells. Most parts of your baby gear can be thrown in the wash or sanitized with a thorough wipe down. This is quick and easy and immediately increases resale value. Double check to ensure all parts are present and if you have the original box and instructions don’t forget to include them.


7. Feel Proud About Supporting Your Circular Economy

We all want to do our part to love on our OG Mother, Earth. By purchasing overstock, open box or quality used gear you are giving these items new life and saving them from landfills. You are also making a statement with your baby gear dollars that you care about the environment and choose to contribute to the circular economy. Even if you buy or sell a portion of your baby gear needs through the circular economy, you are taking a positive step in the right direction to help the earth!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, @GracieCarroll)

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