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24 Sep 2017


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By Gracie Carroll

7 Simple Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is Healthy Using The Purina ONE Score

By Gracie Carroll

As wonderful as being a new mama to our little fur baby, Olive, has been, there’s no doubt that it has come with it’s stresses. Although the majority of our time together is bursting with sweet cuddly love, I often can’t help but worry about her past, and the fact that I know nothing about it. If you caught my recent post on my dog adoption experience with the Toronto Humane Society, you’ll know that our little Olive is a rescue who made her way to #the6ix all the way from Dallas, Texas. To be honest, where she came from is about as much as we know about our little girl.

In terms of behaviour, she has been great, for the most part. Aside from some erratic barking around other dogs when she’s on a leash, this little girl is well-mannered, obedient and super sweet the majority of the time. Now that we’ve had her for just over a month, we’ve definitely noticed improvements in her adjustment to city life here in Toronto. While streetcars used to terrify her, she now hardly bats an eye when they roll past her.

Still, being the worrier that I am, especially when it comes to something or someone that I love, I can’t help but feel anxiety at times over not knowing more about her background. What are the signs that one looks for to measure a dog’s health? How do we know our furry baby is okay!?

As you can imagine, when my friends at Purina approached me about trying out their newly launched ONE Score — their new scoring system that enables pet owners to measure and better understand their dog’s overall health from the comfort of their homes — I jumped at the chance to put little Olive to the test.

The ONE Score looks at 7 signs of a dog’s health: skin condition, coat quality, dental appearance, breath smell bowel movements, energy level and appetite, and provides owners with an overall score that rate their dog as either: great condition, fair health or needs veterinarian attention.

The simple test was quick and easy to complete, taking me only a couple of minutes to assess Olive’s health and total her points to 32, meaning her health is currently in great condition! Although she almost got a perfect score, the Purina ONE Score advised to focus on the areas where her scores were lower to help improve them.

It may be simple, but as a new doggy momma I will admit that it really did bring some relief (and a smile to my face!) to find that her health has a positive and high score. While this type of assessment would not be a long term or ongoing solution, it was certainly great for an immediate update that saved an unnecessary trip to the vet before she was due for a visit.

If you’re interested in taking the ONE Score for your pet, visit PurinaOne.ca to download the ONE Score and try it yourself, today!



*Please note that this post has been brought to you in partnership with Purina One Canada*


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