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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

A Meal Prep Friendly Warrior Bowl Made with Olives from Spain

By Gracie Carroll

Olives from Spain - Meal Prep lunch recipe - Gracie Carroll

A well-stocked pantry is a key component in any household—especially if you want to be able to whip something up when you’ve got almost nothing in the fridge. One of my favourite things to have on hand in my own pantry are multiple jars of Olives from Spain for quick, easy and delicious ways to provide yourself with a yummy snack (straight out of the jar), a way to jazz up a simple cheese and cracker spread, or beef up a simple salad or pasta. Like, seriously, pasta with a bit of olive oil, garlic and olives from Spain? Delish! And made from almost nothing.

Olives from Spain are an ingredient I almost always add to my salads, and I even add them to my favourite lunch-time power bowl that’s easy-to-make and a great option for your weekly meal prep. This bowl is inspired by one of my favourite things to order at one of Toronto’s go-to healthy lunch spots called Impact Kitchen.

Olives from Spain - Meal Prep lunch recipe - Gracie Carroll

If you’re familiar with the restaurant, then you’ll probably recognize the similarities this bowl has to their infamous Warrior Bowl. Naturally, I’ve kept one of the bowl’s star ingredients (olives!) but swapped the black olives for Fleshy Gordal Olives from Spain. Loved for its fleshy pulp and large size, Gordal literally means “the fat one” and this popular green olive is also referred to as “the beauty of Spain”. With its bitter-salty balance and robust size, it’s no surprise why these olives make a great table olive—and snack.

If you’re as big of a fan of this Warrior Bowl as I am, and interested in how you can make it at home yourself with help from Olives from Spain, then keep reading!

Olives from Spain - Meal Prep lunch recipe - Gracie Carroll

What You Need:

(quantities will vary depending if you want to meal prep, or not, so I’ll leave amounts up to you!)

– Fleshy Gordal Olives from Spain

– White or brown rice, cooked

– fresh arugula

– feta cheese, crumbled

– pickled red onions (you can do a quick pickle yourself!)

– Hummus (here’s how to make my favourite homemade hummus)

– Grilled and sliced (or slow cooked and pulled) chicken

– homemade salad dressing, like balsamic and olive oil

Olives from Spain - Meal Prep lunch recipe - Gracie Carroll

What To Do:

– Grab a bowl, or multiple containers if you are doing meal prep for a few days or week.

– Fill your bowl or containers with a scoop or two of cooked rice, followed by chicken, a handful of arugula, scoop of hummus, 4-5 Flesh Gordal Olives from Spain, and top with pickled red onions and feta cheese.

– Serve with homemade salad dressing drizzled on top, or pack dressing in small, portable containers.




(Story and recipe by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

*Please note that this post has been brought to you in partnership with Olives from Spain Canada, all thoughts and opinions are our own*

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