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24 Sep 2017


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By Gracie Carroll

Use My Artist Project Toronto Promo Code and Discover Emerging Artists!

By Gracie Carroll


With a packed schedule that keeps me on a the go constantly, I’ll be the first to admit that taking time to discover new artists or visit gallery shows often gets left by the wayside. Truly, it shouldn’t. Being exposed to new and different works of art opens our eyes and inspires all of us. Obviously I am no exception, and, working in the creative industry, there’s really no explanation needed as to why this is massively useful and important.

While making more time in my schedule for exploring arts and culture on the regular is one of my personal resolutions for 2017, I can’t help but enjoy the efficiency that’s provided to a busy person when hundreds of contemporary artists are brought together in one space to see all at once.

If you can relate (or simply enjoy the idea of getting to see a lot of contemporary art), don’t miss your chance to visit The Artist Project in Toronto from February 23rd to 26th, 2017. Not only will artwork from over 250 contemporary Canadian and international artists be on display, but pieces will be available for purchase too. Interested? Click HERE and use code GRACIE to save on tickets.

Working in partnership with The Artist Project to shed light on their upcoming three-day contemporary art fair in Toronto, they offered me the unique opportunity to “test drive” art work from the show in my very own space, aka #CasaGC.

To be honest, with over 250 artists to choose from, I didn’t know where to start. I decided to start with their curated list of emerging artists, and it was the work of Toronto-based OCADU student, Dahae Song, that quickly caught my eye.

As is the case with so many of our purchases these days, it can often make a big difference to meet the person behind the brand, the product, or, in this case, the artwork. I love that The Artist Project gives you the opportunity to meet many of the artists at the fair, giving onlookers and buyers a closer connection to what they see.

Dahae was very sweet and came to drop off her artwork in person and walk me through her pieces. Originally hailing from South Korea, Dahae reminded me so much of my own mother as she too is an abstract and contemporary artist of Korean decent who studied at OCADU back in the day. You’ll see from the pictures here what some of her work looked like in my space, but be sure to visit her Instagram account for more of her work

For more information on the upcoming contemporary art fair in Toronto, please visit The Artist Project website and visit the link http://bit.ly/AP2017GRACIE to save on tickets when you use the code GRACIE at checkout.

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See you there!



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