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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

The Best New Morning Workout Tip If You Don’t Like To Eat Breakfast

By Gracie Carroll

Although my favourite way to kick off any day is with a good sweat, that does not mean that I enjoy early morning workouts by any means. Yes, I will get up to do them, but, naturally, my body is programmed for late morning or lunch-time workouts. One thing I’ve noticed about my morning workout habits is that it doesn’t matter if it happens at 6am or 11am, in either case I most often don’t like to eat before working out.

Yes, of course I know that working out on an empty stomach (or, in my case, a stomach full of coffee only) is one of the worst things you can do to prepare for a workout at any time of day, and it’s a sure-fire way to lose energy extra fast.

But what can I say? Despite knowing it’s a bad choice, I still gravitate more towards water (for hydration) and coffee (for energy) before heading out the door to sweat it out. I know my body well enough to know that on most days I can get through a workout just fine without much fuel in the morning, and often prefer it to avoid feeling nauseous from eating too close to my workout time if I’m in a rush, which is pretty much always.

Now to the main point of this story, which is to highlight a new morning workout tip I was recently introduced to that’s a total game changer for anyone else who who isn’t a huge fan of getting up early to eat a big breakfast before a high-endurance workout.

That tip is having the new CLIF BLOCKS Energy Chews, which are little bite-size energy cubes made from organic ingredients that help to quickly provide your body with quick energy so you’re not running on empty. Designed for endurance sports like running or spinning, BLOKS come in a variety of tasty flavours such as the new Salted Watermelon flavour, which can help prevent muscle cramping by replenishing sodium levels in the body lost through sweating.

Clif bar energy bloks review

The first time I had a chance to try these chewy little delights (that are literally bursting with energy) was at an event hosted by CLIF Bar at SoulCycle Toronto‘s King West location. They booked a private spin class for invitees to take part in at 8:30am, a cool three hours earlier than any workout I do on the average day. As you can imagine, I was running late; I got there just in time but barely had a chance to get a sip of coffee in me, let alone anything that might be considered a healthy choice for real ‘fuel’ before running out of #CasaGC.

Having taken a few SoulCycle classes before, I knew I was in for an intense 45 minutes of hard-core cardio, and I was worried that there was a good chance I would pass out on my bike if I tried to do that class on a completely empty stomach.

Thankfully, when I arrived Team CLIF welcomed me with a tray of CLIF Bloks that I was welcome to try out before the workout. They told me it would help give me a burst of energy (much needed for before 9am) and help my body get through the workout. Plus, they looked like candy and had flavours like ‘Tropical Punch‘ and ‘Margarita‘ — obviously I was in and popped a few into my mouth one after the other before heading into class.

While these energy BLOKS are not meant to replace your breakfast, or a meal, they’re a great nutrition option to know about for endurance athletes, or fitness enthusiasts (such as myself) who want a quick, easy and super light option to help fuel up before working out, and before your body is ready to eat.

Another great perk is that they are super portable and easy to throw into your bag when you’re on the go, just like their infamous organic energy bars that are (fun fact!) all made in Canada. CLIF Bars have been one of my go-to organic foods to reach for before a workout (when I do find myself feeling hungry beforehand) or to re-fuel afterwards.

By the way, if you have not tried their new CLIF Nut Butter Filled energy bars, I highly recommend you pick some up the next time you need to restock!

For more information on CLIF products, please visit CLIFbar.ca




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