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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Here Are 7 Decor Pieces To Prepare Your Home For The Fall Season

By Carmela Valencia

interior design by Sophia Emilia

fall home decor design by @sophiaemiliadesign

Autumn is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Of course, we shouldn’t let this season pass. So, to get in sync, we should also change our home decor to match the fall season. We can also take this as a chance to reset and brighten up our homes!

Changing even the simplest multifunctional decor can make your house look cozy and ready for the fall season. It can be as simple as changing your placemats, your pillow covers, or even your vases. You don’t have to go as far as painting your walls or buying new furniture; although, if you’re up for it, we have you covered!

Need some home decor inspo for fall? Keep on reading to see what changes you can make to your space!

Warm-toned velvet throw

velvety throw from Simons

Warm-toned and textured blankets and throws are perfect for fall. Pair warm and neutral with a cozy fabric with luxurious texture to set the stage for the season. For a soft, luxurious feeling, try this velvet throw from Simons. Or, if you’re more into a natural, cozy vibe, opt for this Alpaca Lambswool throw available at Merchant of York.

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Warm and natural wall decor

natural fall wall decor for the home

Brass Mirror Gallery Set ($299 ea); Marcel Teak Wall ($449); painting and wood set ($399-$1,300)

Large wall decor with earth tones is an instant way to make your house look more fall-like. Bring in natural elements, like brass, copper, gems, or wood, into your home. This is a great way to bring nature indoors. There are so many wall decor options you can choose from — you can even get creative and DIY if you have the time (framing dried fall leaves is one easy decor DIY you can do)!

Textured pillows

textured pillows from Crate & Barrel

velvet pillow cover ($50); sheepskin pillows ($299); Ansom Golden Brown Pillow Arrangement ($30-$110)

The easiest way to instantly make your place cozier for fall is to change your pillow covers — both in your living room and bedrooms. Mix and match pillows with cozy fabrics, like velvet, and natural textures, like sheepskin and wool. This creates a sense of warmth and comfort, which we want to imbibe for the season.

Layered curtains

layered shades and curtains

courtesy of Sheila Bridges‘ portfolio

Changing your curtains to a bright, deep hue can make a drastic change in your space, but don’t forget to layer. We want as much natural sunlight to come into our homes, so layering neutral-colored blinds, shades, or sheer curtains with a coloured accent curtain is the way to go (see photo from Sheila Bridges’ portfolio). If your house doesn’t have provisions for a shade or blinds, though, check out this mustard-coloured velvet curtain (to bring texture) and sheer linen curtain (to bring natural elements) from Simons.


dried foliage for fall home decor

Pink Pampas Arrangement ($245); Dried Eucalyptus ($22); Boho Pampas Mix ($245)

While some of us adopted millions of plants into our home during lockdown, some don’t really have the green thumb or the patience to care for living plants. BUT what’s great about fall is that it’s the perfect time to bring in dried foliage into our homes! Whether it’s dried or eclectic, foliage can make your home in sync with the season. If using dried foliage, it wouldn’t hurt to pick coloured ones.

Dark-hued decorative pieces

dark hued home decor pieces for fall

vanity tray ($36); bamboo placemat ($64); dinner plate set ($36); terracotta low bowl set ($44); Misty Vase ($175)

This would go well whether your space has that scandi/minimal look or a coloured maximalist setup. Change your functional home decor pieces with ones in warm tones or deep-hued vibrant colours, perfect for the fall season. Colours in the shade of jade, mustard, eggplant, brown, orange, etc are best.

Scented candles

scented candles and fall inspired candle holder home decor

Apothegeri Autumn Equinox collection (from $16); blue candle holders ($25-$70); rattan candle holder ($75)

Well, you need more than just visual decor. After all, the smell of autumn (read: pumpkin spice) is the best scent to get you in the mood for the season! Don’t forget to decorate them according to your autumnal motif.

BONUS: Nature-inspired walls

wallpaper patterns for fall home decor

Tropical Fall Leaf ($85)Abstract Ornamental ($64)3D Wooden Texture Wallpaper ($64)

Putting on wallpaper is the best way to go if you have the budget and are looking for a drastic change but don’t want to commit for too long. Incorporating nature into your home this fall doesn’t necessarily mean more flora. Bring the outdoors in through these wallpaper patterns inspired by nature and oriental designs!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Carmela Valencia)

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