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24 Sep 2017


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By Gracie Carroll

Dont Miss The Delissio Rustico FREE PIZZA Event In Toronto!

By Gracie Carroll


What could be better than getting free pizza for an entire week in your own hometown? Seriously, when I heard about the Delissio Rustico free pizza event in Toronto, I literally freaked out and jumped for joy. I mean, I really can’t think of a better work week than one filled with free pizza (unless I was on a tropical island with free pizza), can you?

I must admit that I am a bit of a pizza freak. As much as I love my green smoothies and healthy meals, I also love to indulge in pizza more often that I’d like to admit. It’s honestly my favourite food in the world! Even when I went to Italy they laughed at me for how many times I would ask about eating pizza. But, like, helloooo I was in the land of carbs! What else are you supposed to eat there? But really, what else are you supposed to eat? I’m still confused.


One of my favourite ways to enjoy pizza when I’m at home is to gourmet-ify a frozen pizza. This is a tradition I started years ago with one of besties, Sara, every time she would stay with me when she was visiting from New York. Our idea of a great night involved grabbing a couple of thin crust frozen pizzas (such as Delissio Rustico), a bottle of wine, and jazzing each pizza up with whatever we had in the fridge.

From kale and bacon to goat’s cheese with drizzled honey, there was no end to our creativity when it came to amplifying our easy “homemade” pizzas that always seemed to result in 100% deliciousness no matter what we put on them


I love that the Delissio Rustico free pizza event in Toronto is embracing this idea, because, apparently, nearly 1 in 3 consumers add their own toppings before they heat up frozen or refrigerated pizza, so Sara and I are definitely not alone!

This weekend I decided to host a gourmet pizza party at home and invited a few of my closest friends to indulge in my custom Delissio Rustico creations. Plus, how could I not share the message with my own friends to a. start doing this in their own homes, and b. take advantage of the free pizza promotion from Delissio Rustico happening in Toronto this week?


If you’re interested in visiting the Delissio Rustico pop up in Toronto on the corner of King and Blue Jay’s Way (363 King Street West, to be exact), be sure to visit between now and November 11th, during opening hours of 3pm-9pm, Monday to Friday.





(Please note that this is a sponsored post, brought to you in partnership with Delissio)

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