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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#E7Approved: 7 New And Refreshing Things To Try This March

By Carmela Valencia

March 2022 #E7Approved featured image

March is here, which means spring is here! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for winter to be over. To celebrate the new month, the new season, here are seven new (and newly found) things to refresh your life. From beauty products to new fashion launches to a new book, we’ve curated items that will give you the fresh start you’re wanting.

Ready to start March 2022 with something new? Keep reading!

Cat and Nat’s Mom Secrets: Coffee-Fueled Confessions from the Mom Trenches

Cat and Nat's Mom Secrets book cover

Best friends and powerhouse moms Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer are back with a new book following their bestseller, Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths. In Cat and Nat’s Mom Secrets, hitting the shelves on March 29, the duo kicks off stories about parenting based on anonymous confessions from their mommy community. In their signature hilarious voice, they discuss topics about guilt, body image, balancing work and being a parent, and fostering friendships.

What we love most about the book is that it provides humour, comfort, and community. It also goes deeper than ever before with outrageous revelations and relatable rants that let every mom know she’s not alone.

Here’s an excerpt from the book that every parent will relate with:

“For a lot of parents, one of the main hurdles to getting their freak on is finding a peer group for get-togethers in the first place. Maybe you’re at a place in life where your closest friends from your twenties have ended up in different cities. Or maybe you’re just emerging from the fugue state of young parenthood and are feeling disconnected from other people your own age.

For whatever reason it may be, it’s not uncommon for parents to feel a lack of community. And while dancing on your own is fun for a while, it can get lonely. That’s why a lot of parents hang out with other parents, who they meet through their respective kids, specifically at school. You have commonalities with these people, things to bitch and joke about, and you know you’ll be seeing them at school stuff, or even just at pickup and drop-off. And we LOVE low-effort party peers. Find the parent with a kid the same age as yours who sneaks a flask into the kindergarten recital, and you’re set for K-6 at least.”

Rare Beauty Dewy Lip Balm

Rare Beauty dewy lip balm

Sephora ($21)

I may have gotten a little crazy last month and ended up in a lippie shopping spree. (Crazy, considering we’re wearing masks outside, so what’s the point?). I must’ve purchased more or less five lip products (that’s a lot for me in one month!). The only product that stuck and I’ve religiously used? That’s right, the dewy lip balm from Rare Beauty. I’m using the shade Support, btw. And, mind you, it’s not just because I love the brand but because it’s really that great! (I also bought the glossy balm, but it didn’t really suit me).

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I love anything that gives me a dewy look, and this lip balm is no exception. It hydrates my lips without making it sticky, and it gives it a pop of colour great for springtime. Will I purchase it again once I have more money to spend (my credit card’s begging me to stop with online purchases)? Absolutely, in a different shade!

Live Tinted Hueglow

March must-have - Live Tinted Hueglow in Dawn

Live Tinted ($44)

Okay, so I’ve done more than a lippie shopping spree. But I can’t help myself! I see something that would make me look dewy and sparkly (not in an Edward-Cullen-kind-of-sparkly but the Euphoria kind), I buy it. I’m a simple gal. Anyway, this purchase (among many) is one I majorly approve of and don’t regret. It’s especially a timely purchase for springtime and the month of March.

Hueglow is a serum-meets-moisturizer type of highlight that gives the skin a healthy glow. Seriously. It has vegan and botanical ingredients that’s safe and benefits the skin, plus it’s cruelty-free. What I love most about it? It’s a multitasker! I can use it on its own without makeup, put it all over my bare face, and I’d look put together. I can also apply it before I do my makeup to get that natural glow, or over for that nice highlight. Oh, and I can use it on my body, too — on my collarbone and shoulders to get that definition.

GushLine: Voicemail Guest Book

GushLine voicemail guestbook

This 2022, there’s an expected boom in weddings. I can only imagine how many beautiful spring weddings will take place this year. Well, how much more beautiful and special will weddings be if guests can leave recorded messages for the bride and groom in lieu of a guestbook? I love that GushLine can do just that. It’s a retro-style phone wherein guests can leave their well-wishes, messages for the happy couple, or even jokes! Oh, and group calls are also available!

Curious? Set up a consultation or book a phone here.

Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

March must-have: Baloo weighted blanket

Baloo Living (starts at $199)

I love weighted blankets because they relax the nervous system and boost serotonin production, making sleeping and waking up something I look forward to. A weighted blanket doesn’t have to mean hot, though. As a warm sleeper, I easily get sweaty when my blanket or duvet traps heat. Now, what I love about the weighted blanket from Baloo Living is that it’s made of 100 percent breathable cotton, and it’s perfectly usable even on the hottest of days. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, free from lead glass microbeads, and free from harmful chemicals.

Clearly x #BreakTheBias

Clearly mimosa-inspired frames

Clearly frames inspired by the Mimosa flower, official flower of International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, eyewear brand Clearly is teaming up with five remarkable Canadian content creators to share their stories on how they’re working to #BreakTheBias. Participants include three-time Olympic figure skating champion, Gabrielle Daleman; transgender advocate Jamie Pandit; @theaugustdiaries herself, Jill Lansky; Indigenous rights activist Kendra Rosychuck; and @myvoguishdiaries, blogger Medge Beauvoir-Yellowlees. We’re especially looking forward to their conversations on how they empower others through sight (and their shared love for Oprah).

In a 2020 data, it shows that women are 12 percent more likely to have severe vision impairment than men and 8 percent more likely to be blind. Women also have less access to eye healthcare in many countries. Through this team-up, Clearly aims to shine light on gender bias when it comes to eye healthcare.

The conversations will be up on Clearly’s homepage on March 8.

T. Line by Trouvaille

T-Line Polished Set

The Polished Set ($403.75)

Lifestyle brand Trouvaille launched their new collection, T. Line — a curation of fashion and home essentials that will last despite the changing trends. What we love about this is that it focuses on minimalist elegance and high-quality staples. Because of this ethos, they produce in small batches to avoid excess inventory and source high-end materials from responsible local suppliers.

The release of their first edition last March 4 is just the beginning of their quarterly capsules; with each edition building on the last, so every item can be styled together effortlessly.




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