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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

The Edit Seven Guide To The Best In Environmentally Protective Skin Care

By Anastasia Barbuzzi

Image via Beauty Heroes

Each year, it’s common practice for major publications to publish trend reports filled with predictions of what’s going to be hot in fashion and beauty. Here at Edit Seven, it’s common practice for us to scour all of them, making sure we’re prepped and ready to take on the biggest trends with our timeless tiny bags and CBD-spiked lattes in hand. Fact of the matter is, the more that the industries of health and beauty merge, the more we’ll see trends embody a number of concerns – like makeup and skincare products that protect you from air pollution, all in the name of wellness.

In 2020, ‘anti-pollution skincare’ is no longer considered a marketing ploy to sell expensive face creams – it’s a must. The need for our skin to be protected from the environment around us is larger than ever, especially with an 8 per cent increase in air pollution around the globe. City-dwellers aren’t the only ones who should be concerned either – it’s easy to forget that pollution lingers in the fumey air, your home, and water too. Air pollutants can contribute to premature skin aging, atopic dermatitis, skin cancer, psoriasis, and acne, according to science research firm Frontiers. 

Needless to say, now’s the time to start protecting your body’s largest organ from the outdoors (if you haven’t been doing so already). And of course, we’re here to help get you on track to your best skin ever.

Here’s Edit Seven’s Guide to environmentally protective skincare:

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You Are What You Absorb

Before founding sustainable skincare brand OSEA Malibu in 1996, Jennefer Palmer settled in Los Angeles with her family. Knowing that they’d have to adapt to a whole new range of environmental aggressors like smog, brush fires, and dry winds, Palmer formulated an ocean-inspired skincare line using marine algae as a base for pollution-fighting and antioxidant rich products.

“We breathe, ingest, and absorb environmental toxins through our skin, so we’re susceptible to the effects of aggressors like UV, smog, and even blue light from our computers and cellphones that causes oxidative stress,” Palmer says. “That’s why skincare lovers absolutely need to be concerned about UV damage; to avoid skin cancer and slow the aging process. But, environmental aggressors contribute to free radicals and should be taken just as seriously.”

Adequately protecting the skin from environmental offenders is an issue that Graydon Moffat, founder of superfood-powered Graydon Skincare, believes consumers should be more aware of too.

“We’re living in a time when air pollution and other environmental concerns are affecting both our planet and bodies. The pollutants in the air end up being absorbed by our skin,” says Graydon. “It’s no longer sufficient to only eat well and be concerned with what we put in our bodies. Protection needs to start from the outside.”

In other words: gone are the days that your skincare routine stops at sunscreen. With that in mind, read on to discover a full regiment of environmentally protective products you need in your life from toner, to moisturizer, to body oil. Oh! And SPF. Always SPF.

Aggressors, Be Gone! 

Graydon skincare -fullmoon-serum

Graydon Skincare’s Fullmoon Serum contains an anti-pollution complex made of moringa which helps prevent the adhesion of particles to the skin and oxidative damage. It’s basically a superfood shield for the face and is also beneficial for those struggling with acne or other inflammatory skin conditions. Not to mention those wanting to slow the signs of aging with an added boost of retinol. $87 (CAD)

FitGlow Beauty Sea Toning Mist

There’s two things you need in an environmentally protective toner: ingredients that maintain the skin’s moisture barrier (or acid mantle, if we’re being fancy), and anti-inflammatories. That’s where Fitglow Beauty’s Sea Toning Mist comes in – a pH-balancing mixture of organic aloe vera and botanical hyaluronic acid plump dehydrated cells, seaweed extracts calm irritation, and wildcrafted rose and willowbark reduce inflammation while keeping pores clean. $45 (CAD)


Do you recognize a sea-theme here? That’s because some of the most healing skincare ingredients come from the ocean floor. In OSEA’s Atmosphere Protection Cream, organic seaweed and antioxidant rich avocado oil help maintain healthy skin barrier function and ward off pollutants. Palmer says, “Seaweed has super high antioxidant activities that fight free radicals, and from an evolutionary perspective, it’s had to adapt to extreme environmental conditions such as freezing temperatures, high salt concentrations, low nutrient availability, and harsh sun exposure. The same properties that have helped seaweed adapt are crucial to helping our skin adapt to environmental aggressors.” $48 (USD)


Indie Lee’s brand new Superfruit Facial Cream has many features, though one of its main functions is protecting skin from an array of environmental assailants like UV rays and blue light. The luxe, featherlight moisturizer is concentrated with vitamin C, plant peptides, hyaluronic acid, and exfoliating AHAs that address visible signs of aging. Pomegranate, acai berry, acerola cherry, and algae are also among its star ingredients, which are known to improve radiance and protect skin from the elements. “I love how it always leaves my skin feeling incredibly supple with that post-vacation glow,” Lee told us. “And of course, how it protects me from environmental stressors.” $105 (USD)

Graydon Skincare facefood_blue

If you’re in need of another hydrophilic (water-based) element in your skincare routine, Graydon’s Face Food Mineral Mist is the ultimate refreshment, lightly scented with vanilla and mint. It’s simple yet powerful ingredient list includes malachite, a turquiose-coloured gemstone that increases collagen production, detoxifies, and protects the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress. Zinc reduces inflammation and redness, silver’s antimicrobial qualities help keep skin clean, and magnesium balances your complexion. Trust us with this one – it’s on our list of favourite invisible screens from the environment. $46 (CAD)


Seven different organic seaweeds, vitamin C, turmeric, hyaluronic and ferulic acid? This multivitamin hydrating and glow-inducing serum from OSEA couldn’t get better. In fact, the Vitamin Sea Serum is one of Palmer’s favourites for maximizing the skin’s moisture barrier and minimizing oxidative stress. It’s also a surefire way to brighten, firm, and smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles. *Adding to cart.* $68 (USD)

Consonant Skincare_Perfect_Sunscreen_600x

The rumours are true: The Perfect Sunscreen from Consonant is… nearly perfect. Its lightweight, mica-tinted, non-greasy formula leaves no trace of white residue on the skin, unlike many other natural sunscreens. It’s also water-resistant and protects from UVA and UVB rays with an SPF 30 comprised of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. In addition, aloe vera, grape seed, and rice bran oil help to hydrate and even skin tone. $45 (CAD)

Graydon Skincare Face_glow_40ml_576x416

When it comes to tinted moisturizers/primers, Graydon’s Face Glow is all you’ll ever need. The multipurpose skincare and makeup product delivers a major injection of anti-agers like jasmine and matcha green tea, as well as brightening and highlighting effects that’ll make you the dewiest babe on the block. Perfect for an easy morning routine or for those who prefer a no-makeup look, Face Glow contains non-nano zinc and red raspberry seed oil to protect your skin from the elements. It’s also infused with smithsonite – a semi-precious gemstone that is known for preventing skin damage from UVB rays. $46 (CAD)


Did you think we’d forget about protecting the body? Not a chance. Especially when OSEA’s Undaria Algae Body Oil is on our hands. Undaria, a brown marine algae rich in iodine, iron, potassium, calcium and a slew of vitamins such as B2, B6 and B12, contains fucoidan – a hydrating compound that promotes youthful, plump skin. OSEA soaks their undaria algae in barrels of botanical oils for six month to naturally distill its nutrients into their purest, most potent forms. Combined with ayurvedic sesame oil, this body elixir reduces redness and heals the skin from environmental aggressors. $48 (USD) 


 Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream is one of the most luxurious, silky sunscreens that leaves skin addictably smooth to the touch. The all-natural, broad spectrum SPF 30 also serves as a regenerating moisturizer and infuses skin with a potent combination of herbs and plant oils unique to Josh Rosebrook, like catnip and skullcap. The formula firms, reduces redness, and assists the skin in regeneration while also providing an effective sunblock against damaging solar rays. $50 (USD)



(Story by Contributing Editor, Anastasia Barbuzzi)

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